Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 Update Available Now

OS X 10.9.5 update released for Mac and available to download in App Store. In this OS X Mavericks update there are some security updates and bug fixes in this 10.9.5 OS X update. Apple recommend every OS X user to install this update on their Mac.



Bug fixed and improvement in OS X 10.9.5 update mentioned in release are, improved the VPN connections that uses Smart Card authentication. Improved SMB server for those who working in Windows and OS X environment and I personally feel some bugs when enable file sharing between Mac and PC, and Safari 7.0.6 included.

How to Install Update OS X 10.9.5

To install this OS X 10.9.5 update on you Mac just run App Store  and go to Updates tab, here you can see all available updates. Another way to install update is go to Apple icon and then select “Software Update” from the menu.



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