How to Turn Off iPhone or iPad Without Power Button

Are you looking for an option to shut down your iPhone or iPad without power button? iPhone or iPad power button might not work, or you want to turn off your iPhone or iPad when going to ship it to someone and want to preserve the battery. Whatever is the reason, in this guide, you will learn how to shut down or turn off your iPad or iPhone without using the power button.

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How to Force Restart iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone 8 reboot/force restart method is different from previous generation iPhone. To force restart iPhone 7 or 7 Plus you need to press and hold Volume Down + Power simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. When you try to use same buttons combination to reboot iPhone 8 / 8 Plus then you will see an emergency SOS screen. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus user need to press three buttons in a particular order. So, do you want to know how to force restart iPhone 8? Read More

How to Reset iPhone 8 or 8 Plus Back to Factory Settings

Before restoring your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus back to factory settings, make sure you backed up everything that is important on your iPhone. You might already turn on auto backup on iCloud but, its recommended to backup at the time to factory reset your iPhone. Follow these steps to perform iPhone 8 factory reset:

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How to Close and Switch Between Apps on iPhone X Without Home Button

As the Apple event proves the rumors were true for no physical button on the next generation iPhone, called iPhone X. On the older models or iPhone like iPhone 7 we use the home button to close the app and double tap it to view background apps and switch between.You might want to know how to close an app or switch between apps without home button on iPhone X.

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iPhone X Everything You Need To Know – Q&A

iPhone X, a 10th anniversary edition iPhone from Apple with new technology and design. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO not only announced the iPhone X but the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus at Steve Jobs theatre, Apple’s new campus. It is the first time Apple has released three iPhone devices in a year, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. Well, the price of the iPhone X is a bit high as compare to other models, so you have to check your pocket.

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Apple iPhone X Price, Specs and Availability

Apple just announced iPhone X at the Apple Special Event. At the end of the event, Apple also announced the iPhone X release date price and specification. Continue reading for more details on iPhone X Specs, Price and release date.

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How to Add Page Numbering Starting from Specific Page – Microsoft Word

Despite being a frequent user of Microsoft Word we often get stuck on little but very relevant options like showing the page numbers according to some selected or particular manner. In this guide, you will learn how to add page numbers, start page numbering later in your document like starting page numbering on page 2, page 3 or even on a particular page. You will also see how to change starting page number from one to another value and more. Read More

Risks and Benefits of Rooting Android Phone or Tablet

Android devices, as we all know have invaded the market for a few years now, and their fame is getting even big with time. The experience of going home with a new Android device is pretty much evident to all of us. But have you ever experienced difficulty in downloading an app that requires rooted Android device? Or have you ever been able to custom or replace any of your system application without facing any hurdles in doing it? Read More

Window 10 S What’s New and How It’s Different from Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 S operating system released for low-cost PCs, for schools or educationally oriented computers and also for new Microsoft Surface. Windows 10 S is more secure and faster with excellent battery life and the reason, it’s limited to install only Windows Store apps. Believing the name we get an idea, Window 10 S is an extension of an already given out operation system i.e. Window 10 by Microsoft. Read More

How to Force-quit iPad Apps on iOS 11

In some situations, we have to kill running iOS apps that are not responding or creating problem to run iPad smoothly. Force-quit iOS app on iPhone and iPod Touch hasn’t changed in iOS 11, and you can follow the same iOS 10 methods to force quit the app on iPhone or iPod Touch. Remember force quit any app isn’t necessary until its creating problem for you while running. iOS is Good enough to manage memory, whether when you kill an app and relaunch it, this will consume more power and in result reduces battery life. Read More

15 Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Data organization, analysis, and storage are the most important tasks for any functional institution to stay up to the mark in the corporate world. All these tasks have been performed actively using an interactive computer application known to us as a spreadsheet, which allows to display and manage the data in tabular form. Out of all previously developed software for spreadsheets, Microsoft excel has the largest market to share and is still adding ease by introducing the more viable option for its users. Read More

How to Reset your PC Windows 10

Is your PC running slow? You have tried everything but still your PC having you down? When nothing is working then you must do the last thing, which is reset you PC. When you Resetting PC you are reinstalling Windows, you can choose whether you want to keep your files and personal data or just want to remove them. Read More

Where to Download iOS Firmware for iPhone [IPSW Files]

Find all the latest and old versions of iOS firmware IPSW files to download directly from official links that are released by Apple for all iPhone models. To download any iPhone iOS firmware simply right click on the link and select “Save link as…” option in Chrome browser. This option may vary according to the browser. Also, make sure no compression application is attached to auto open and unzip the file firmware file like in MacOS. Make sure auto unzip is disabled or only just use another browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.

If you don’t know which firmware file to download for your iPhone, then look at the given table below to identify and download iOS firmware file based on your Apple iPhone model. Read More

The 5 Best macOS High Sierra Features

As we all know that Apple’s WWDC 2017 comes with some surprising techs and updates and no doubt, Apple has gained its popularity through customers respect and giving them a huge change in their tvOS, watchOS, iOS, and macOS. Read More

How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 11

We all know that iOS 11 has come with a lot of new amazing features. If you test iOS more deeper, you’ll find an more interesting features that has come along with iOS 11. The “Dark Mode” feature been introduced in the update. This is the one of the best features for the iPhone Users as it helps a lot of users who love to use their mobile at night. This article is all about how to find out that feature, enable & disable dark mode feature in iOS 11.

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The 10 Best iOS 11 Features for iPhone

Apple has finally released their iOS 11 for the developers and soon it will be available for the official iOS users. Apple has presented iOS 11 and its best features in their final WWDC 2017 keynote. While we all know that iOS 11 is not available to users till Fall 2017, what we can do is to give you information about what’s coming in the iOS 11. Beta version for Developer is available now and we can get more information from.  But, you can install iOS 11 public beta later this month and for this you have to join Apple public beta program.  It is believed that iOS 11 is worth update for iPad but that doesn’t mean that there’s will be no useful update for iPhones. Indeed, features are always get updates. So, here a list of 10 best features that we will see in the iOS 11. Read More

iOS 11 Compatible Devices iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

iOS 11 is another major release of iOS from Apple with some new features, and every time due to new advanced features there are chances that old Apple devices can’t handle it. Apple may drop few old devices that will not be compatible with the current major iOS version. If you want to know about the compatibility of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 11, then see the list of Apple devices given below that is capable of running iOS 11 on it. Read More

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy S8 and S8+

Capturing screenshot on a mobile phone is very handy sometimes when you need help and want to show your phone’s screen to someone or just want to take a screenshot for proof of something. Keys combination for Taking a screenshot on S8 and S8+ is a bit different from old Galaxy devices due to the absence of physical home button. You can also capture screen using palm swipe option and scroll capture as well. So, let’s see how easy it to take screenshots with a combination of buttons, using your palm or a long scroll page using scroll capture. Read More

Enable Two-Step Verification to Protect Your Dropbox Account

There is an optional but really important security feature of Dropbox called Two-step verification. You can protect your account by simply using a strong password but, Every Dropbox account holder should enable two-step verification feature to make their account and data in it more secure.  Most of the people use cloud storage service like Dropbox to backup their very important data probably their personal data which they don’t want any other person can hold over it. So for the protection of your data from hackers or hijacker follow these steps and enable two-step verification from dropbox account’s settings. Read More

How to Protect Your Twitter Account From Being Hacked

Twitter’s login verification is a security feature which provides another layer of security, ask to enter an extra code when you log in to your Twitter account. Instead of only entering a password, you will also enter a code which will send to your mobile phone via SMS. This feature will ensure that only you can access your account. Read More

How to Fix res://aaResources.dll/104 Error on Internet Explorer Windows

A few days back I have a weird experience on my computer, when I open Internet Explorer I saw a different page with the message “Can’t reach this page” and browser suggested to try few things to solve the problem. I saw a suspicious URL in the address bar: “res://aaResources.dll/104”. Normal websites addresses start with HTTP or HTTPS and this URL starting with res and seem to execute DLL file that caught my attention. After that I did a little bit research on it and found the I am not alone there a lot of peoples having this problem. Read More