How to Create New Smart Folder in Mac OS X

Smart folder is a very helpful feature of Mac OS X. Smart folder is a very easy way to manage the contents like files, folders, software etc…. quickly and easily on Mac. It allows a user to apply different criteria to find and see their documents, images, folders and other stuff on their system. You can select different options as Sort by Kind, Last Opened, Last Modified and etc…

Let’s see, how can we create a Smart folder on Mac

Step 1

Click File and select New Smart Folder option from menu


Step 2

It creates a new smart folder. Click Save button to change its name and location


Type name of folder in Save As and set the location from Where and hit Save button


Step 3

This is the smart folder with new name TrickyWays


Step 4

Click button to set Search Criteria


Search Criteria could be applied by Last Modified Date, Last Opened Date, Created Date etc….. You can add these features by clicking + button and remove features by clicking – button


Step 5

If you want to make the search more specific then set parameters according to your choice

set-search-criteria-parameters search-criteria-by-kind
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ion August 4, 2009, 3:29 pm

Smart folders are very nice feature in mac os x

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