How to Enable Quick Launch Bar to the Taskbar in Windows 7

The Taskbar in Windows 7 has many interesting new features. It has the ability to dock items on it which combines the Taskbar and Quick Launch feature. But you might miss the classic Quick Launch Bar that we have in earlier Windows. Although that you really do not need it with Windows 7, having the Quick Launch features with the new task bar in Windows 7. But if you just can’t live without classic Quick Launch bar in Windows 7, then here’s the way to get back the Quick Launch on Windows 7 Taskbar.

This is what you will get after following steps mentioned below:


How to Add Quick Lauch to the Taskbar in Windows 7


To add Quick Launch bar to the taskbar in Windows 7, please follow these steps:

Right-click on the Taskbar (Uncheck: ‘Lock the Taskbar’) and go to

Toolbars >> New Toolbar…


Copy & Paste the following path into the Address bar and hit enter button.

%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (1)

After pressing the enter button, folder path will look like this:

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (2)

Now Click Select Folder button and you will notice that the Quick Launch bar is now added to the right side of Windows 7 Taskbar.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (4)

To have it on the left side as it was in the previous versions of Windows; simply click and drag the dotted line and drag the Quick Launch bar to the most left of the Taskbar (next to Start button). You will be able to drag it only if you have unlocked the Taskbar as instructed in Step 1.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (5)

You will notice that Quick Launch bar shows both Text and Images. To remove the text and show only the contents of the Quick Launch bar, right click on dotted line to the left of the Quick Launch and deselect Show Text and Show Title.

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (6)

Finally, you have your Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7 same as that in earlier versions:

enable-quick-lauch-windows-7 (7)

To lock the Taskbar, right click on it, and enable the option “Lock the Taskbar” by clicking on it.

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