How to Set up Gmail in Windows Phone 7

If you got Windows Phone 7 Mobile and want to set up Gmail account on Windows Mobile, here is the simple process. Just follow the given steps to setup Gmail on Windows Phone 7.


Set up Google Mail on Windows Phone 7 Mobile.

Make sure you are connect to internet either using WiFi or Cellular data network on your Windows Phone 7 mobile (See how Share PC internet / Mac internet with mobile and also how to connect to WiFi on Windows Phone 7 ).

Tap “Arrow” on Windows Phone 7 home screen or Slide to left.


Tap “Settings” and then “Email & Accounts”.


Tap “Add an account” > “Google“.

Enter the “Email address” and Password in their respective fields and tap “Sign in” button.

You are done! All available emails and contacts in your Google mail account will be sync with your Windows Phone 7 mobile.

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