How to Setup BlackBerry Bridge and use Smartphone Apps on PlayBook Tablet

Using BlackBerry Bridge you can use your Smartphone apps on big screen of BlackBerry Playbook. This way you can Add, Edit or Update in Messages, Calendar, Memopad, Tasks, Contacts, etc apps. Anything you update on one device, this will reflect on the other. So lets see how to install BlackBerry Bridge and pair PlayBook with a Smartphone.

setup BlackBerry Bridge

Setup BlackBerry Bridge

Open BlackBerry settings, tap on “Settings” icon

Tap “BlackBerry Bridge” from menu on the left side

On the right side tap “Setup” button

Enter a name for your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and tap “Next”
On the next screen tap”Install Now” button

Download BlackBerry Bridge

Open App World app on your Smartphone

Press the “menu” key on your Smartphone and select “Scan a Barcode”

Now point your Smartphone at the Barcode that displayed on tablet to read it

Click “Download” button to install Bridge on your Smartphone. Run BlackBerry Bridge on your smartphone

Add a New Device

On your tablet tap “Back” button and then tap “Continue”

On Smartphone select “Add Device” button and then select “Next”

Point your Smartphone on tablet and scan the Barcode

If you see “Pairing Complete…” message, then you have successfully paired your device with PlayBook tablet.

Note: If pairing isn’t successful then you can use Manual Pairing option. Select “Manual Pairing” button on PlayBook and Smartphone, then follow the on screen instructions.

Use Smartphone apps on PlayBook

Now you can view and access some more application under BlackBerry Bridge tab of apps. These apps are only available on tablet when you connect with Smartphone.

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Christina May 11, 2011, 2:36 pm

BlackBerry Bridge works great for PlayBook to use blackberry phone apps on tablet.

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