How to Backup BlackBerry PlayBook Apps, Media and Settings

Save your PlayBook apps, media and settings by taking backup using BlackBerry Desktop Software. To take backup of your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet you need to install BlackBerry Desktop Software on you computer, lets see how to Backup BlackBerry Playbook.

blackberry playbook backup

Backup BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


Go to, download and install the BlackBerry Desktop software on you computer.



Connect your PlayBook tablet with computer using data cable that comes with it.

Run BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer

If you are connecting your PlayBook first time then you will see “Add a New Device” wizard window,

click on “Get started with this device” and set up options for your new device.

Setup new device BlackBerry Desktop Software


While you setting up a new BlackBerry device you can set Device name, Back up, Syncing and some other options.

  1. Enter device name for PlayBook device
  2. Check the “Back up my device” option if you want to take back up automatically whenever you connect your device with computer. You can leave this option to take back up manually
  3. You can also set sync “Media files” option to start syncing when you connect your device with computer
  4. Set media source and store locations

Hit the Finish button when done


Now choose PlayBook Back up options

  1. Choose Back up type either “Full” or “Custom” back up
  2. Type the back up file name, choose the backup file location and if you want to Encrypt backup to secure it, check the “Encrypt backup file” option and enter the password for the file.

Hit the “Back up” button, now this will start taking back up. When back up in progress don’t disconnect your device from computer.

PlayBook backup options

Backup BlackBerry PlayBook manually

When you first setting up your device, If you didn’t choose the option to auto back up on connect then to take back up manually connect you device with computer, run BlackBerry Desktop Software and hit the “Back up now” button as shown below

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Lica May 15, 2011, 6:24 pm

Thats great. Do you guys let me know how i can transfer files from Playbook to computer?

IvYri May 19, 2011, 5:37 am

thanks for PlayBook tips

Linsay June 15, 2012, 9:40 pm

This will backup all third party apps too?

On a BBphone it doesn’t

Ina January 3, 2013, 2:27 am

How do I find icf settings

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