How to Reset iOS Apps

If any installed app on your iPhone is creating some problem while running then there are two methods to make it working proper. First you can quit and relaunch the application, secondly delete the app from your device and install it again via App Store.

Now, through guide below you will learn the processes to make a troublesome app working back on your iPhone.

Reset iOS Apps

Method 1


Double tap “Home” button on your iPhone to view all running applications. Then touch and hold the app until jiggling starts, and simply press on the button appears at the corner of your required app to quit


Double tap on “Home” button to view Home screen and from there relaunch your required app

Method 2

Delete iOS App


On Home screen, touch and hold the app’s icon to which you want to delete, until jiggling starts then tap on cross button which appears at the corner of apps icon

Tap “Delete” button

Install Deleted iOS App


Tap “App Store” on home screen


Tap on “Updates” tab > “Purchased”


Scroll down to your required app, tap on cloud button associated to that app and let it install and that’s it

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I’m all set Sean, thank you…:)

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