How to Create an Email Group on Gmail

If you have to send same email message to some of your colleagues in routine then it would be a better approach to lay them all under a group in Gmail, so that you do not need anymore to add each and every email address again and again to send email to a specific group of people. So, continue reading the rest of article after break to know how to proceed to create an email group on Gmail.

Create an Email Group on Gmail


Sign in to Gmail and Click on “+” sign with “Mail” in left panel to expand


Click “Contacts” and then “New Group…” option


Enter new group name and click “OK”


Now, to add email address to your newly created group, select it from left panel like our new group name is TrickyWays, then click on arrow besides Add to “TrickyWays” and type email address of recipient in text area and , click “Add” button. So, you can add email addresses one after one

Or type contact name in text area, what you already have added to your Gmail contacts, a list of match emails will get open, so click on your required one to select and click “Add” button


Now, to compose an email to group just type group name in recipient “To” field, and select group from drop down list which will expend automatically with all added email addresses, and that’s it

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