Access Google Nexus 7 Files from Mac

If you have Google Nexus 7 and a Mac then you must know that its not possible to access your Nexus 7 files from Mac via USB cable. But through guide below you can learn the process to make it possible to access Google Nexus 7 files from Mac.

Access Google Nexus 7 Files from Mac


Download Android File System app on your Mac and install it


Connect Google Nexus 7 to Mac via USB cable


On Mac open Android File System application, it will recognize your Nexus 7 and opens a Finder like window where you can drag and drop files, create new folder or delete

Note: Your Nexus 7 must be in Media device (MTP) transfer mode to make the above process successful, which you can check through notification tray just swiping down and then tap on “CONNECT AS”.

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