Google Released Android Device Manager App to Find Lost Devices

Google launched Android Device Manager standalone app to support Android users to locate their lost devices with the integration to Google Android Device Manager web service. So if you are familiar with Apple’s Find My iPhone app for iDevices then you must understand the concept of Android Device Manager app as well, as both of the apps support their concerned platform users to find the lost mobile devices by providing the services free of cost.

Android Device Manager app for Android is the extension to its web service, which was launched back in August and free for all Android users to keep track of their devices on the go.

After installing Android Device Manager app you need to get login through your Google account to continue with the service, and there you can associate your Android devices, whatever you have. Later on you can Ring on your Android device using the option from Android Device Manager app or web service, incase you lost it. Even you can remotely reset your Android device’s screen lock PIN, or completely erase the contents from your device by performing a factory reset using this application.

Android Device Manager App

Android Device Manager app v1.0.2 is available free for devices equipped with Android 2.3 or later and its file size is about 1.7 MB.


Play Store link


Official Details

Ever misplaced or lost your phone? Android Device Manager locates lost devices and helps you keep your device—and the data inside it—safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you:

  • Locate Android devices associated with your Google account
  • Reset your device’s screen lock PIN
  • Erase all data on the phone

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