Check Available and Used Storage Space on iPhone or iPad iOS 7

Out of space on your iPhone or iPad? then you must take a look at available space and how much space taken by apps on your iPhone or iPad. This way you can clean up your device by deleting apps that taking some space and useless as well. To find out storage space usage and free up some space on your iPhone or iPad continue with this guide.

Check Storage Space Usage on iPhone or iPad

Its really easy to find out how much storage space is being used by Photos and Camera, other built-in and installed apps on your iPhone or iPad.

Open “Settings” app, tap “General” on iPhone, on iPad you will see “General” option on the left-side bar. Under General settings scroll down a bit and tap on “Usage” option on iPhone, iPad users will find Usage option on the right-side.


Your device will take some time to calculate the storage available, storage used by Apps, Photos and other individual build in and installed apps. Here you will see all of installed apps on your device sorted by highest space taken. You may find some apps surprisingly using lot of storage space that you were not expecting.


You can tap on individual app to view detail storage usage information. Like if you tap on Photos & Camera you will see detailed view how much space Camera Roll, Photo Library and Photo Stream is using. You can also view more detail of individual installed apps. You can delete apps on iPhone or iPad if your find few of them useless for you and taking huge space go ahead to delete it to free some space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

storage-used-by-photos-and-camera-iphone-ios7 deleting-app-and-data-iphone-ios-7

You can also check your iPhone or iPad storage space usage detail in iTunes. Connect your device with the Mac or PC and run iTunes. select your device in iTunes and you can see how much space taken by Audio, Videos, Photos, Apps, Books, Others and all available free space. Here you may think what is this Other thing taking space on my device. This is storage space taken by different apps to store temp documents, settings, caches and some other stuff.

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