How to Delete Skype History on Windows PC or Mac OS X

Microsoft’s Skype is one of the favorite text/voice and group video calling app works over cross-platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone smart devices. Skype let you allow to communicate with your contacts through text, voice, or video. As a Skype user, you may know that it keeps a record of your whole text conversation or message history. The record of calls which you may require anytime for any personal reason. However, for some of Skype users, it may be a task to delete Skype history. So, with this guide, you are going to learn that how to clear Skype history and call history on different platforms.

Although, you can delete your Skype text messages history, and calling history manually from Skype chat history location in AppData folder on PC and Skype history on Mac in Library folder. However, Skype also gives you option to delete of all of your Skype conversation at once on Mac or PC. If you want to clear skype history on iPhone, iPad or Android devices then you have to delete history for individual contacts.

Delete Skype History on Windows PC

Sign-in to Skype on Windows computer. To view the history of a contact simply double-click on it. A Skype conversation window for that specific user get open. There you find the whole conversation history of that contact.


I could not find how to delete chat history for a single contact on PC, except you open the main.db file in a viewer and delete specific messages from it. However, you can delete your entire Skype chat history in Windows by going through its menu “Skype”  > “Privacy”. Hereunder privacy settings click on “Show advanced options” button and there click on “Clear history” and that’s it.


Note: Make sure you want to do that because all your Skype conversation including messages, voice message, SMS, Calls will be deleted. You can backup your Skype history if the reason for deleting history is you are selling your PC. You can use backup later to transfer history to another computer.

delete skype history confirmation

Stop Skype saving conversations

On the same window, you can also choose to stop recording history or keep the history of a specific period. Click on the drop-down menu under “Keep history for” choose the option that allows keeping Skype history for a specific time like three months, one month, two weeks, forever or no history at all. When done click the “Save” button to save the settings.


Delete Skype History on Mac OS X

To delete entire Skype chat history, click the main “Skype” menu > “Preferences…”. Click on “Privacy” tab, and click “Delete All Chat history” button, in result all of your chat history records will get deleted that includes messages, calls, voice/video messages, SMS,  text messages, file transfer history.


Delete Skype conversation

On Mac OS X you can delete Skype conversation with a specific contact, for doing that simply right-click on a contact, currently you have started conversation with and choose  “Delete Conversation…” or alternatively you can select contact from sidebar and click on menu “Conversations” > “Delete Conversation” and then confirm deletion on next screen. This will remove all the conversation from sidebar and permanently from history file as well


Remove all recent conversations

On Mac to remove recent Skype conversations only from sidebar not from history file, just click on “Conversation” menu and there click on “Clear Recent”. You will see all the open conversations will be closed from Skype sidebar.


Don’t save Skype messages history on Mac

If you don’t want to keep record of your Skype conversations. You can set this option on the same “Preferences” window under “Privacy” tab. You can use menu in front of “save chat history”, to keep history like for Months, Forever or Never.


Remove accidentally sent message quickly on Windows or Mac

Some time we send message to the wrong contact on Skype and meantime found wasn’t the right contact. If this happens to you as well then to delete recent Skype message on PC. You just need to right-click on the message and select “Delete Message” option from menu. You will notice your message will replaced with the text “This message has been removed”. A trash icon appears on the right side of delete message. Other contact will also see the same message as you seeing.


You can remove message on Mac as well just right-click on recent message and select “Remove Message”.


If this guide was helpful for you then share your comments below also tell us if you need any help.

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Noah June 7, 2014, 5:04 pm

Thanks for a bright visualization.
But it turns out that above Skype features cannot let you delete messages forever :(( This can be done with a software like Delete Skype History. i don’t know its full capabilities though.

wajahat October 8, 2014, 1:15 am

hi friend
my Skype not show the option of delete or remove message

Karl May 9, 2015, 9:51 pm

Sorry this is the reply section , but I`m still in trouble , i hope someone can help …… i managed to remove the SKYPE chat and histoty of a particuler person , and then i got this message has bean removed with the date that i did it ……. this is just as incriminating .. so please help me rid of that too …… thaks so much !

John December 9, 2017, 1:48 am

Can you please update this? Doesn’t look like it applied to current version.

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