How to Enable and Use Text Summarize Service on Mac

If you are trying to read a long document to get the whole understanding of overall context of the text written in that then here is a tip for you, if you own a Mac. “Summarize” is a built-in feature of Mac operating system that makes ease for users to prepare a summary of a paragraph of a document, or summarize the whole document at once, with the strength of material according to user’s choice.

Although, Summarize is a native feature of Mac but its disabled by default. So, before getting access to Summarize feature you have to turn it ON by going through the System Preferences on your Mac system.

Summarize feature performed quite a decent job to tame documents of Apple native applications on Mac including Safari, TextEdit, Pages, etc. Summarize on Mac also gives option to user to save the created summary from a document for future reading.

In following you find instructions that how you can enable Summarize on Mac OS X and then how you can use it to get advantage from it to save your time in a way by creating a summary of any document, whatever you have to read.


Enable Summarize Feature in Mac

Click Apple menu > “System Preferences…”.


Click on “Keyboard” icon under “Hardware” section in System Preferences window.


Select “Keyboard Shortcuts” tab, and then select “Services” from the left panel and from right side scroll down to “Text” and click on arrow besides it, to expand the options and then checkmark the box followed by “Summarize” option and simply close this window to make the change working.


Use Summarize Feature in Mac

Now, just open your document in whatever application, suppose a PDF on Mac. Select the text to which you want to shorten or summarize. Then go to the main menu of your opened application and then navigate through “Services” > “Summarize” or select “Summarize” from the right click opened menu.


Summary window will get open, and there you will find the text which you have selected from your document. On this window you can select one of the option either “Sentences” or “Paragraphs” to shorten the text in a format. And by using the “Summary Size” slider you can decrease the size of your summary text.

create-summary creae-summary-00

Summary tool on Mac also gives option to save your Summarize text file. Now, just get hurry and enable Summarize service on Mac if you was really wondering for a feature to make your reading easy and capability of understanding quick.


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