How to Always Paste Text Without Formatting in Microsoft Word Document

When you try to copy and paste something in Microsoft word document, it always apply the same source formatting. I am sick of this thing and found few settings under Word options to fix this and always paste as plain text in word document. So lets see how we can set copy and paste settings to paste text with or without formatting in word.

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Paste Text Without Formatting in Word

Press “ALT+F” keys from keyboard and then Press T or click on “Options” in the left-pane to open Word options.


In the Word options window click the “Advanced” settings option of the left-side and then scroll down to “Cut, copy, and paste” section. Here you will find all settings related to  pasting something within or between word documents, pasting from other programs and past picture as options.

Most of the time when we copy text from a webpage and paste into word document it brings all the formatting with text, if you want to get rid all formatting stuff and want to paste text as a plain text then select option “Keep Text Only” from the drop-down in front of  “Pasting from other programs:” option as shown below.


Don’t worry you can paste text with formatting applied to it even you selected keep text only option in the Microsoft word options. To do that when you copy and paste something a paste button will displayed click on it and choose an icon to either paste text with formatting, merge formatting or keep text plain.

From the same paste button you can also set default pasting option but first click on one of the paste options that you want to choose as default option and click again on the paste button and then click “Set Default Paste”.


You can also set option for insert/paste picture in word document as  inline, square, tight, top/bottom, through, in front or behind text. Go to Word options and under Advanced settings choose required option for insert/paste picture as.


I would suggest you to set default paste option as a default the you want to use most of the time, like I do as plaint text and choose with formatting option on the fly.

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