iOS 7.1 Battery Drainage Problem? Try This to Fix It

All new iOS features and updates are useless if the battery drainage is faster after upgrading to iOS 7.1. People constantly reporting battery drainage problem on different websites, after upgrading to iOS 7.1 battery drains faster. There are different suggestions provided by different people to fix battery drain problem on iOS 7.1, lets discuss and see how to fix battery issues.

We already posted iOS 7 guide to fix battery issues. You can follow this guide to improve battery life on iOS 7, and it may also help to fix the battery issues on iOS 7.1.

If the above link didn’t help much to solve battery problem on iOS 7.1 then you should consider these options:


Reboot Device: Quick and easy way to solve the device heating and battery drainage issue is either quit all apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or try to reboot your device and it may fix these issues.

Press and hold Power+Home buttons simultaneously to restart.


Factory Reset: If reboot doesn’t solved the problem then you can try to reset all settings of your device and put it back to factory settings. See how to Reset your Device to Factory Settings.

Clean Install iOS: On top of all I would recommend you to backup your device and install clean iOS 7.1 if you think its happening due to updating iOS on it. I know its very troublesome to loose all the existing settings and configurations on your device but clean install will also solve other problems on your device that you may not know.

Hopefully Apple will fix battery issues reported by different peoples in the next iOS update. If you have tried all and nothing is working then you should contact Apple if they can help.

Another battery drainage reason can be weak signals problem in your area and if you have this problem then it will reduce your battery quickly.


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