How to Save Data Usage on Android

If you have limited amount of data usage per month then you must use it carefully to save some bandwidth. So lets see how to manage bandwidth to save data usage on Android.

Save Data Usage on Android

You can save data usage on Android browsing by enabling data compression option in Google Chrome, stop loading web page images and some other options.

Android Browser Bandwidth Management


Open built-in browser on your Android phone, tap on the menu button and select Settings option from then menu. Tap Bandwidth management option and here you will see all the options related to saving data on android browsing.


Android browser do few jobs smartly in the background to suggest few options to user when searching something or using internet and loading different web pages. You can customize browser settings to either perform these smart steps for you of not.

Click on each option “Preload search results” and “Page preloading” and select either you want to do this when you are using Wi-Fi, do Always or Never.


Stop Loading Web Page Image

This option is only available in built-in Android browser. To stop loading images of web pages and save data usage simply un-check the “Load images” check-box to stop loading images on web pages.


Google Chrome Bandwidth Management

If you have installed Google Chrome on your Android phone and want to reduce data usage then a similar bandwidth management option is available in Chrome as well.

Run Google Chrome on Android, tap Menu button and then Tap on Settings option. Tap Bandwidth Management option and here you can set few options like Preload webpages and Reduce data usage by compressing web page data.

Tap on Preload webpages option and choose one option to alway preload webpage, only on Wi-Fi or Never.

Tap on Reduce data usage and turn the switch On to start webpages compression to sage bandwidth.


Google chrome browser will show you the total compression and data savings figures.

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