Set up Parental control on OS X Mavericks, Watch and Restrict your Children

Those families who use a Mac machine in their home also have the option to set up parental controls on OS X Mavericks to keep their children safe from unwanted contents. When you setup parental control on Mac, you can easily monitor what your children are up to and easily manage what websites they may have access to and the amount of time they spend on the machine and who they can chat up and talk to.

To get started for the latest OS X system- Mavericks– you will first have to set up an account which will support parental controls. On machines which are shared, especially those on which children also spend their time it is important to have their own account. This will provide you with great control and have a closer eye on what your children do. It shields them from anything which is unsuitable for them. So let’s go through the process of settings up parental control on OS X Mavericks.

Set up Parental Control on OS X Mavericks

Open up the “Parental Control” from System Preferences under Apple menu.


Its good idea to create a separate user for your kids, so select “Create a new user account with parental controls” option and hit Continue.


Enter the new user details and continue.


Now you may need to provide administrator password here, after that you will see few tabs on the top of the screen where you can set up different controls which seem appropriate for your child.

The tab for “Apps” will permit you to select those apps which your child can access. You also have the option to set ratings for apps in order to control what they download from the net.


Below the “Web” tab, you can give full or limited access to the websites. There is another option that limit access to adult websites by filtering this content automatically and you can customize this option as well.


The tab of “People” is helpful as this will give you control over whom your child can get in contact with via email, messages etc.


Time Limits is another option that allow you to set time limits for kids to use Mac system for week days, Weekends and prevent access during specific hours like Bedtime.parental-control-time-limits-os-x

Lastly, the “Others” tab give control to handle some other factors like burning discs, block the usage of in-built camera etc.


View Child’s Computer Usages on OS X Mavericks

To view child’s activity of a user who is managed using Parental Controls on Mac OS X.

  • Open Parental Controls from System Preferences, click on Lock button and enter the password of system administrator.
  • Select the user from left-pane.
  • Hit the Logs… button and this will show your child’s activity log of Apps, Websites, and others.



If you found anything in the log that you want to restrict, select that item and hit the Restrict button.

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