How to Setup iCloud Email Account on Android

Majority of the smartphone owners are often attached to their OS like iOS, Windows platform or Android but often we get to see that the users take leap from one platform to another. The period of transition is smooth; a big thank-you to the increased number of apps coming each day, but making this leap can get a bit tricky at times.

For those who are thinking to make a move from iPhone to an Android based phone, setting up the iCloud email may be worrying but now it is very simple to make things work on an Android phone too. You just need to put in some extra effort. Let’s see how.

Setup iCloud Email on Android

People often fear to move away from their comfort zones, and if you consider the investments you make in things, I think you cannot blame them either. But if have the guts to make a switch then your sense of adventure should be credited. When it comes to iCloud mail, you must be aware till now that you can enjoy the same services on Android too, here we have a step by step procedure of how you can do it yourself.


As a first step you need to start the email client with the name “Email” on your Android phone or any other email app installed.

After this, you simply enter your iCloud username and password credentials, and then touch on Manual Setup and after this on IMAP account button.

icloud-email-on-android icloud-email-on-android-1

Once this happens, you will be setting up the inbound IMAP server. When prompted you will need to give in the following details:

Type iCloud Username, Password, IMAP server as and Port number which is 993. Other than this the certificates should be set to SSL.


When you tap on next you will need to setup the SMTP server which is responsible for the outgoing emails. Just like you were promoted for details before, same will happen in this case too. Type in SMTP server, TLS as Security type, Port is 587 and hit the Next button.


There are couple of more steps that you can complete by following on screen instructions, that’s all you need to do to setup iCloud email account on Android device. It’s a simple process and works fine on majority of the devices. Have fun with your new phone!

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