Microsoft Windows 9 and Cortana Virtual Assistant

Digital assistants are fun and helpful these days. Virtual assistants are now very user friendly that most of the people rely on them very much now. It also helps improve accessibility. Right after Apple introduced Siri in iOS it settled a new trend in various companies of tech world of adding digital assistants in their operating systems. Following Apple’s Siri Microsoft added Cortana to its Windows phone. But Microsoft is coming up with something new now. Curious to know what is it? Find it out below.

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Microsoft CortanaWindows 9

Microsoft Windows is undoubtedly the most successful Operating System in computing history Microsoft has emerged as the largest computer software manufacturer. And now Microsoft is going to be first to add Digital assistant to it Desktop/Laptop operating system Windows. Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana would be added to the next generation of Windows. Windows 9 is Microsoft’s upcoming Version of its Windows. Which is undoubtedly going to be great and of course it is going to be packed with exciting new features.


Cortana on the Windows phone currently is the competitor to Apple’s Siri and Google now. According to user surveys/feedback Cortana is much better than both of its competitors. In the world of today, the competition is at its peak among tech giants and user satisfaction is the best tool to win the race and looks like Microsoft is well aware of the tact. Microsoft Cortana is currently available as a separate app but in the next Major update of Windows i.e. Windows 9 it will be embedded to the OS. Microsoft is throwing fornightly updates to the database that supports Cortana. Digital assistant is going to be very help full in desktop/Laptop systems.


The next update of Windows is currently codenamed as project threshold. Microsoft is coming up with a new strategy with Windows 9. Along with Microsoft’s Cortana Windows 9 will also feature a new Start Menu, better integration of modern apps and a new desktop environment. Beta version of Windows 9 is to expected to be out by the end of this year no exact date. Final release may get delayed for a while but it would most likely be available to general public next year. Let’s see what else Microsoft brings in the final version we will have a sneak in what has Microsoft landed with Windows 9 once beta version is out. Until than we have to wait for beta version or the further leaks or rumors.

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