How to Remotely Lock Your Mac Computer with iPhone or Android

Ever forgot to lock your mac at home or office? Realized it later when you are away and have no access to your mac? Afraid of losing or someone going through your personal data or important files? Well if you are one of those and this is something you are usually facing there is a good news for you. We at TrickyWays have solution for almost all your tech related needs and keeping the tradition we have come up with the solution for those who often find themselves in such condition. Now you would be able to control your Mac and put it in to sleep anywhere from World with your fingertips, the process is very simple and very helpful. How is it possible? Find out below!

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How to Remotely Lock Your Mac

Folks you can put your Mac into sleep using Dropbox on your iPhone, iPad or Android.


How this works?

In this trick, we create a folder in DropBox on Mac and install an app that always check this folder for any new content in it and If this found any thing new then run a specific script to sleep Mac. We use Dropbox on iPhone to update content in that Mac folder.


  • You need to create a DropBox Account, if don’t have already.
  • Need to install an App called Hazel on your Mac, Hazel monitors specified Mac folders and then run actions you choose.

Steps on Mac:

Install Dropbox app on your Mac and sign in with your account, open Dropbox folder and then create a new folder with the name “SleepMac” in it.

Download and Install Hazel app on your Mac, Now open it.

Click on + button to add a folder.


Select “SleepMac” folder that you created in first step inside Dropbox folder. Hazel will watch this folder for specific action.


Now we need to create a Rule for that folder. Select SleepMac folder on left side and then click the + button to create a new Rule.


Enter the following details name for the Rule: SleepMac and select other value as show below.

Finally click on Edit Script button and Enter the script as show below. Once done hit the OK button to save the settings.
tell Application "finder"
end tell


Make sure the checkbox for the rule SleepMac is checked.


Steps on your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone):

Now on your iPhone, iPad or Android device open Dropbox and make sure you have same Dropbox account connected here that you are using on your Mac.

Now to test Mac Sleep functioning, just create a new file inside MacSleep folder from your device. So you successfully locked you Mac remotely.


If you followed all the steps correctly then once you create a new file inside Dropbox SleepMac folder, Hazel runs specified script that sleeps said Mac and voila, which puts your Mac to sleep remotely. Isn’t it very useful and simple? Well of course for most of you like me who usually forget to put the Mac to sleep before leaving if you are not one of them and are very careful you still must have this setup.


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