Make Video Calls with Viber for Android and iPhone

Viber!!! Almost everyone of us must be well aware of it and almost every other smartphone user has it installed on his/her Android or iOS device. It’s one of the most popular Apps among smartphone users since its initial release in 2010. Viber has taken a step ahead and added a great new feature to its services…What is it? Find out below! For those who have no idea about this great App.

Viber is one of the most competitive rival to Skype and added something new which is definitely going to give hard time to other VoIP services of tech world. Viber has been servicing years by offering free text messages and Voice calls over VoIP. Viber in its great service has added a great new video calling features to its Android and iOS Apps. Well video calling is not something new as many of others are offering this feature since long but still it’s a great news for Viber users. Who don’t likes something extra? Desktop users have been enjoying video calling feature for a while, but considering this is a mobile generation so this addition is definitely going to divert people from FaceTime and variants.


The video conferencing feature has been under construction for last two years, and after the customary testing phase, is now ready finally. Well its certainly video calling feature made the app handier and brings all VOIP features under single umbrella. The update landed after Viber was purchased by Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten, with a sum of one billion dollars. This means we would soon many other addition with upcoming versions as Rakuten would work day and night to make App more useful and user friendly.


The App is completely free to download as always been. The App is available for Android and iOS devices on Play Store and Apple’s Apps Store. The App can be updated under update section in App store and play store in order to enjoy latest video calling feature. So what are you waiting for folks? Get downloading!!!

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