How to View Webpage Source Code on Android or iOS

Always wanting to crackle up to the roots of a webpage, yet returning empty handed? Only because you are not doing the way it should be. Many Android and iOS users have been complaining about the webpage source and more importantly how to find it is a major issue.

View Webpage Source Code

Taking up each platform separately will be beneficial for the readers as they can jump on to their designated software and can weed out information regarding their problem

Safari iOS

We can see it is way much easier if you use code which aims to provide you sources for your web page instead of using Cydia tweak to view source. Here’s how you do it

  • Bookmark any page for e.g. may it be ( with your default iPhone or iPad browser and book mark it as “View Source” as it’s being done on the screenshot.
  • Next you need to log onto the following link and copy the entire content which is available on the page.
  • Now tap the bookmark icon on your iPhone and then push the edit icon and paste the content you copied in step 2 onto the URL bar and tap on done
  • Users might be confused as to how to view the web page source, it could be shown by simply clicking in the bookmark tab and the previously bookmarked page named as “View Source” should be opened. As you can see the below screen shot that when you open the view source tab you will be redirected to a page with different highlighted URLs and hence you can get the source of the web page.

In addition to this, privacy or sharing of your web page URLs is again a problem as the JavaScript being used would send the page to for further dispensation and if one is not comfortable with the overall process there are other platforms as well but the clarity and elegance you get at this server in terms of highlighting of syntax is not impressive at all, you can nearly see the highlighted text because they fail to do so. It is a bit complex process overall but once you get through it with the help of the screenshots which are instilled there to help you out. You will be able to break the code.


Hmm now let’s talk about Android; I am pretty much sure the readers are more concerned and interested over reading this how to do guide. Quite interestingly this can be as easier if you have installed Chrome browser on your Android phone.

  • Just put view-source: before the URL as shown below and hit the go button, instantly you will see the source code of the page.

If you are not using Google Chrome browsers then all you need to do is log on to Google Play store and search for an App named “View Web Source” and within a nick of time just hit the install icon. Upon installing of the app you can simply view the source of any website. With the help of this particular app you can get a similar page with all the JavaScript and URLs as you were being shown in iPhone’s screenshot but the only difference here would be that the page you will be directed to in an android device will not contain highlighted text which might be confusing for the user but overall the exact source will be identified surely.

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