How to Use Apple Watch as Camera Remote for iPhone

You can take photos on your iPhone even without touching it. Yes, Apple Watch is capable to work as remote shutter release device for your iPhone. Using Apple Watch as a remote shutter is very helpful when you are in a situation,  you can’t touch iPhone while taking a group photo. So, you can view iPhone camera viewfinder image with a shutter release button right on your Apple Watch.

Use Apple Watch as iPhone Camera Remote

Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to work as camera remote for iPhone. Camera remote function will work properly if you are within Bluetooth range about 30 feet.

  • To take pictures remotely, position your iPhone on tripod.
  • Run Camera app on your Apple Watch to view iPhone viewfinder image.
  • On your Apple Watch tap the area to adjust exposure, once done then tap the Shutter button at center-bottom on the screen. If you are taking group phone then use shutter timer button at bottom-right corner. This shutter timer will take photos in burst more so you can select best photos on your iPhone.

Review Photos on Apple Watch

Photo that you just taking will be store on your iPhone device, but you can review it on your Apple Watch. To review photos right on your Apple Watch tap on photo thumbnail icon left-bottom side on the screen.

  • Swipe left or right to view more photos.
  • Rotate Digital Crown to zoom and then drag it to Pan.
  • Double tap on the photo to see the complete photo view.
  • Tap on photo to show or hide the information and close button.
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