How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows

Do you want to customize send to context menu in Windows 10 or older versions? If you don’t know what a ‘Send to’ menu is then you can find this every time whenever you right-click on any file, folder, document or media files and then select Send to from context menu that contain different options like Drives you connected, Desktop (create shortcut), and more. You can customize this send to menu by adding new options like folder location, app, etc and can also remove anything to make it clean with useful options only.

This menu is really useful to send items quickly to any USB drive, folder or app like Skype, Mail, Dropbox and more without opening it. Let’s see what you have currently in this menu, right-click on any document or file and hover the courser to Send to and you will get send to menu and it will look like this.

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How to Customize Send to Menu Windows

This send to menu is basically a folder in Windows different for each user that contains different default locations and apps shortcuts. You can put new shortcuts to folder or app in the SendTo folder and these new shortcuts will be displayed in the menu automatically.

  • To get the SendTo menu location, open run command by pressing Windows+R keys and type “shell:sendto” and click OK.
    “shell:sendto” it’s a special query or value that can map or open the real folder which is located at “C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo”.
  • To add any new item, just create shortcut to that folder or app and paste it in SentTo folder. Like i have a temp folder on my computer that usually used to store items temporarily. So i created a shortcut to that temp folder and pasted in SendTo folder.

After creating a new shortcut can coping in SendTo folder, I can see “Temp Folder” option right in Send to context menu. Customize sent to menu on your computer an tell us what you have add to it.


Remove items from Send to menu

In SendTo folder you will see bunch of shortcuts like Bluetooth, Desktop (create shortcut), Mail recipient or Fax recipient and the USB drive that connected with computer. You can delete send to menu items from here that you don’t want to use like Bluetooth and Fax recipient for me its useless so i removed from the list.

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