How to Control Volume for Individual Program in Windows

Adjusting volume for individual apps by using volume mixer was introduced in Windows Vista. If you have application that always seems to play very loud or soft then this can be useful. Windows offers many ways to configure the settings of sound or normalize the volume, sometimes we need adjust the volume when we can’t hear or want to quickly adjust the volume for a video clip or game that play very loud. So the solution is just one click away.

Set Volume for Individual Program

  • First right-click on speaker icon on your system tray and select ‘Open Volume Mixer’.
    windows speaker mixer
  • When you first times open Volume Mixer, you will just two slider of volumes. Even other app will not show until they make a sound.
    set volume for indavidual program
  • Play any video or use Skype calling, then the app will show in Volume Mixer. Now you can adjust the volume as you need.
    adjust volume for indavidual program

The first slider (Device) controls the master volume of your machine. App volume you set is relative to the master volume. When you change the master volume, app volume will automatically change but there are some limitations.

  • Each time you close and open app then you have to set the volume again. if you set the volume and didn’t close the app then this setting will remains the same until you close the app or shutdown the computer
  • Only desktop application will show in the Volume Mixer.
  • Web browsers will show separate volume slider, like if you open two tabs with two different videos then Volume Mixer will show two tans of browser.

Set better Volume control in Windows 10 using Ear Trump


If you are running windows 10 then you must try Ear Trump for better volume controls. It’s a small and open source application also available on github. This app will remember the settings of app even you restart or close the app. You can also control the both desktop and universal app volume using this simple utility.

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Mike November 29, 2017, 3:14 am

Helpful somehow but not the way it used to be on Win7. Also the feature I want back is that volume setting I make for each application now will be the setting when I open the same application again in 10 mins or next day after restarting PC. Now EarTrumpet nor regular Win10 volume setting nor old style Win7 volume control that I can open with right click, they all fail keeping the setting I made during last session. I want to keep volume balance between applications all year long not only for 1 session. It’s annoying enough that all announcements are vol 100 by default and making noise that reminds more a fire alarm than any not so important PC announcement that they all are. I almost get heart attack when I get announcement about e-mail or news . Don’t tell me how to use Master volume control because I want more advanced way to control balance between all applications in a way that setting will be the same after restarting PC all year long.

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