How to Enable Old Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 included a new default Photo viewer app Photos but old Windows Photo Viewer is still included but it’s hidden and not set as default photo viewer in Windows 10. Those who upgraded Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 have already activated Windows photo viewer but those who Installed fresh copy of Windows 10 will view photos in new Photos app. Navigating to Settings then Default app option on the left-side and selecting Windows Photo viewer wouldn’t work and you can’t choose from list to set as default photo viewer. In Control Panel “old default apps” wouldn’t helps either, you can only make Windows default photo viewer default for .tiff and .tif files.

Get Old Windows Photo Viewer Back in Windows 10

We have to modify some registry entries to make it similar to previous version of Windows, Follow this little trick that will help you to get old Photo Viewer app back.

  • Before making windows photo viewer default we have to activate it using some little registry modifications. Download the registry file from here.
  • Run this activate-windows-photo-viewer-windows-10.reg file to modify Windows Registry entry related to Photo viewer, click Yes then OK and you are done.
  • Now old photo viewer app enabled and available to set as default app for image and photo viewer.

Make Windows Photo Viewer Default Image Viewer

  • To make Windows photo viewer as your default image viewer, right–click on any type image from your computer like .jpg, .png, .gif or .bmp and select ‘Open with’ option from menu and then select ‘Choose another app’ option.
    change default photo viewer app
  • Now this will ask ‘how do you want to open this file’ with a list of apps that can open similar files. Select Windows Photo Viewer from  available options and check the “always use this app to .png files”.
    set windows photo viewer default windows 10

Note: you have to set it default again if you open another type of images. In our case we open .png file in step 2. So it sets as default just for .png files, you have to set it for other image types like .jpg, .bmp or .gif etc.

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