How to Use Cortana Built-In Dictionary Windows 10

Do you want to know meaning of any words frequently? Just like to find a meaning or definition of a specific word, we just Google it to find out, If you are Windows 10 user then Cortana is a very powerful, she can show some result with meanings of specific word, best matched stuff from your computer along with the web results using Big search. Oxford Dictionary is one of the Cortana’s skill so insteas using Google to find meanings of certain word we can also do the same thing using Cortana in Windows 10.

Cortana analyze the word we type in Cortana search before showing the result. If she analyzes that you are finding out the meaning of the word you type then she will turn to the Oxford Dictionary that power Cortana instead of a Bing search.

How to Use Cortana Built-In Dictionary

Just click the Search icon available at left-bottom corner next to Start button. For example, I type ‘What does laptop means’ in Cortana search, I will get the definition of word laptop in return, shown the result as Best Match at the top Powered by Oxford Dictionaries.

cortana dictionary

We can even use and force Cortana (save yourself by some typing) to use its built-in dictionary for better results, type ‘define’ a blank space and the word that you want to get explained by Cortana, So instead long phrases ‘What does laptop means’ just type ‘Define Laptop’.

define word with cortana dictionary

If you are not satisfied with the definition or want to know more about a word or phrase then just click the result in the search this will take you to the Bing we search where you can check more details about your search. Bing can show you meanings, audio that you can listen to know how to pronounce it, Synonyms, origin, related forms and you can also translate your search in different languages.

To quickly access the search button just press Windows key from keyboard and the start typing the word you want get definition.

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