Apple iOS 10 New Features

Apple released iOS 10 to developers only right now with bunch of amazing new features. Apple finally gives more than what we except from this new iOS. This update of iOS 10 is currently available only for developers for testing and just for selected Apple devices. This iOS 10 has some great and amazing new features which sure to generate some positive reviews.

iOS 10 is our biggest release ever, with delightful new ways to express yourself in Messages, a native app for Home automation and beautifully redesigned apps for Music, Maps, and News that are more intuitive and more powerful, making everything you love about your iPhone and iPad even better,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “iOS 10 adds Siri intelligence into QuickType and Photos, automates your home with the new Home app and opens up Siri, Maps, Phone and Messages to developers — while increasing security and privacy with powerful technologies like Differential Privacy.



iOS 10 Features


Rediscover Memories in Photos

With new iOS 10 Photos we can rediscover forgotten occasions from photo library by automatically surfacing them in memories. Memories used advanced computer vision intelligence to scan all the photos and video from your mobile phone and recognized them as facial, objects and scene then group them.


Memory contains a memory movies, an automatically edited with title and cinematic transitions and theme music. Memories scans all of your videos and photos, then find out the favorite places, trips, people and present these photos and videos in a beautiful collection.

All-New Design for Apple Music & News

Apple music now has new user interface which helps user to discover and navigate new music easily. It’s very simple and clear. It has also new language that allows music to become hero. A search tab is added to make find music easier. It also make easier to find support for breakings news, stories and paid subscriptions.

Home App for Simpler Home Automation

Accessories can be grouped into senses or manage individually so they work together with Siri or by single command. The home app is deeply integrated to deliver secure and simple set up and control your home in one place. These are also can be set-up for home automation with Apple TV or manage and control remotely and trigger by time, action or location.


iOS 10 brings support nearly 100 home automation windows shades, light, video cameras, door locks, thermostats and more. Leading home builder, KB home, R&F Properties, and Brookfield Residential will be integrating later this year.

Beautifully Redesigned Maps

Maps in iOS 10 got new and beautiful design that makes it even better and simpler. By opening map to developers with new extension, book a ride by Uber and lyft app and OpenTable also can be integrate booking into Maps. Maps also user intelligence and tells the directions of proactively delivers direction, appointment from you calendar and based on your daily routine. It can also provide the routs with restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations and more after route is planned.

More Responsible Notification

Apple comes with display that show users notifications whenever you pick-up the mobile phone and user can also respond using 3D touch on screen lock with iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. You can also get live updates at lock screen. Moto X already these features and doing this for years.

Personal & Expressive Messages

Messaging app use most frequently used iOS app. In iOS 10 it’s more fun with animations. It includes very powerful animations like confetti or fireworks and balloons that can take over of your mobile while screen to celebrate special event. User can also play YouTube videos and songs from music without leaving messaging app. The size of the texts can be changed for effective conversation and an entirely new feature called the ‘invincible ink’ which the recipient can only see after tapping or swiping. And due to the third-party integration, iMessage allows users to order a couple of services like sending money with Square, ordering food with DoorDash among things

Siri Opens to Developers

Now we can done anything using new Siri after Apple created Siri SDK which means we can order Siri to follow more commands and control CarPlay apps, adjust radio settings within automakers or access climate controls. This will also help for developer to design their applications to work with Siri for phone calls, ride booking, messages, personal payments, photo search and workout. Third-part apps also can be controlled by Siri like OpenTable, WhatsApp, WeChat and Yelp.


Additional iOS 10 Features

  • iCloud Drive Desktop folder
  • Air Quality Index for China
  • Faster Camera launch
  • Continuity Clipboard
  • Auto-correct improvements for Korean and Thai
  • Notes Collaboration
  • Unlimited tabs in Safari
  • Male and female Siri voices for Russia, Spain, & Italy
  • Definition dictionary in Danish
  • Live Photos stabilization
  • Markup in Messages
  • Side-by-side Mail compose iPad
  • Location suggestions in Calendar
  • New iPad Camera UI
  • Live Filters for Live Photos
  • Conversation view in Mail
  • Discover in iBooks
  • Improved Auto Enhance in Photos
  • Faster FaceTime connectivity
  • CarPlay app reordering
  • Split View in Safari on iPad
  • Rest & type iPad keyboard
  • Sort Favorites in News
  • iCloud Drive Documents folder
  • Bilingual dictionaries in Dutch & Italian
  • Apple Pay in Safari
  • Mail suggested move folder
  • Air quality in Maps for China
  • Found in Messages
  • Brilliance adjustment slider in Photos
  • Mail filters
  • CarPlay on ultrawide screens
  • Bedtime alarm
  • Siri for South Africa & Ireland
  • Definition dictionary in Traditional Chinese
  • Live Photos editing
  • Avoid tolls in Maps
  • Mailbox column
  • Faster attachment sending in Messages

For more information and details about iOS 10 new features go to official Apple website. Check this post if you want to know iOS 10 Final release date.

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