How to Improve Skype Screen Sharing Quality

Skype is very famous and fan favorite both video and audio calling apps, also offers screen sharing between two Skype users. Sometime we face the quality issues while sharing scree but there is still possibility to improve the screen sharing quality using this little hack or trick.

Skype is still growing like insane when it comes to video, audio and screen sharing. Its available to almost every operating system Linux, Mac and windows, also available for smartphones and tablets.

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We can improve Skype screen sharing by removing its frame per second limitation. This guide works only Windows 7 or latest x86/x64 versions but it should be same on other OS’s too.

Improve Skype Screen Sharing Quality

  1. First make sure Skype is not running on your computer. If it’s running quit it before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Now press windows key + R to open run box and type “%Appdata%” without double quotes.
    How to Improve Skype Screen Shrining Quality
  3. A folder named Roaming will be open, here find a folder with name Skype and open it.
    How to Improve Skype Screen Shrining Quality
  4. In Skype folder find the folder with your Skype id name.
    How to Improve Skype Screen Shrining Quality
  5. Here find the file name “config.xml” and open it in any text editor like WordPad and notepad etc.
    How to Improve Skype Screen Shrining Quality
  6. In config.xml file, press ctrl+f to bring the find box and type Video then hit enter to search this word.
  7. Now change its value to 999 and your new code will look like this (FPS>999</FPS>). That’s it save this file by pressing ctrl+s and enjoy new screen sharing with improved screen quality.
    How to Improve Skype Screen Shrining Quality
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