Hidden Field Test App For iPhone

Apple added a hidden field test app in their iOS that you can launch by dialing a special code in the phone dialer. This iOS field test app can show you some technical data that you might now understand easily but very useful for diagnosis purposes for those who know what’s this.

For a normal iPhone users, they can check the signal strength of their carrier easily. Once you dial a special code this will turn your signal bar into a numeric value. Let’s see how to check iPhone signal and what range of numeric value is good or bad.

Field Test App For iPhone

Open Phone dialer on you iPhone and dial *3001#12345#* and tap the dial button. This will instantly run a field test app that you have never seen before. A list of options that you may understand but let’s get bat to check signal strength.

Now, you will notice the signal bar is converted to a numeric value. But you can tap on that to switch between signal bars and numbers. So, how do we know what is a good or worse signal number? The rule is simple higher the negative number means the bad your carrier signals are, negative number -104 is worse than -90. I was in the basement in my office and got -114 with 2 bars which is bad and when I went outside the got -77 with full bars that show good signal strength. Now you know the good and bad range of number for iPhone signals.


If you want to exit the app just press the home button to close the field test app. Share this tip with your friends for just fun.


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