How to Reset your PC Windows 10

Is your PC running slow? You have tried everything but still your PC having you down? When nothing is working then you must do the last thing, which is reset you PC. When you Resetting PC you are reinstalling Windows, you can choose whether you want to keep your files and personal data or just want to remove them.


  • Resetting you PC is not recommended, until there is no way to solve the problem.
  • First, if you need you personal files on PC then you must follow the steps below to backup your data.
  • If you don’t need any files and don’t want to back them up then simply follow the steps below in reset your PC.

Backup your Data

You must have a external drive connected or network location setup where you want to store you backup.

  • Press Windows+I keys to open up Windows 10 Settings window.
  • Here, on the Settings window navigate to the following section: Update & security > Backup
    windows 10 settings backup
  • Click, Add a drive and then choose a drive from the list.
    add a backup drive windows 10
  • Select More options and hit the Back up now button. On the same screen you can scroll-down a bit and add another specific folder that you want to backup.
    backup now windows 10
  • By default, this will back up all the users folders that includes all of their personal folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Favorites, Pictures, etc.

Reset your PC

  • Before resetting PC, If you want to save your files please follow the steps above in Backup your Data section.
  • In the Windows 10 settings section that you can open by pressing Windows+I keys from keyboard, navigate to Update & security > Recovery.
  • On Recovery window, click the Get started button under Reset this PC section.
    restore files from current backup
  • This might ask you once again, how do you want to reset? Do you want to keep files or not? So choose the appropriate option.
    reset pc options windows 10

Restore your Data

  • Once you successfully reset your PC and now want to restore your data that you backed up earlier then simply follow the given steps bellow.
  • Press Windows+I from keyboard and then go to Update & security > Backup and then click Add a drive. Choose a drive or network location where you backed up your all the personal files to.
  • Now, click the More options and then on the next window scroll-down to the bottom and click “Restore files from a current backup”.
    reset windows 10 pc
  • This will open up another file history window where you can hit the green circle arrow icon at the bottom to start restoring your personal files and folders.
    restore backup windows 10

Do you still have any questions? Let us help you to solve you problem. Just leave a question related to how to reset PC use comment form given below.

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