Window 10 S What’s New and How It’s Different from Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 S operating system released for low-cost PCs, for schools or educationally oriented computers and also for new Microsoft Surface. Windows 10 S is more secure and faster with excellent battery life and the reason, it’s limited to install only Windows Store apps. Believing the name we get an idea, Window 10 S is an extension of an already given out operation system i.e. Window 10 by 10 s

What is Window 10 S?

Window 10 S is an outright version of Window 10 Pro but with an ultra-performing architecture conducive not only for fewer budget computers but also the education-oriented PCs and apparently the premium range like surface laptops.

The “S” in Microsoft Window 10S is said to be a symbol of simplicity, speed and security offered in this contemporary OS. It has the capability to run 15 seconds faster than the comparable Windows 10 pro version with all the same apps and profile installed. Microsoft claims it to be an extraordinary operating system that will stay efficient even after years as on the first day.

Windows 10 S designed for

Microsoft created their new version Windows 10 S for people who limit their self, install all the required apps from Windows Store and don’t need anything other than that. Windows 10 S is an excellent choice for students, teachers and also for those who preferred advanced security features and consistent performance. If you are related to the education industry, then have a look at and test Windows 10 S on existing Windows 10 device.


What’s new and different?

Getting into the details, we have highlighted some of the major and exquisite characteristics that make Window 10 S unique version added in Microsoft’s range of OS.

The App Store

Microsoft Windows Store contains a wide variety of free, paid and trial based applications of software. Any apps that are not available in the Windows Store would not be running on Window 10 S, unlike the previous versions. All apps are bound to get into your systems through the Windows Store only any other source of installation is not made permissible in Window 10 S.

Microsoft’s Edge browser

The new version is made limited to the Windows native browser only i.e. Microsoft’s Edge Browser and any third party browsers, You can’t install Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome unless they are available in Window’s Store. While the Edge browser itself is made faster and safer to manage all of your browsing data through multiple tabs at a time and new ways to find what you need in no time.

BitLocker encryption

To ensure the security of your files and private data the version has added Microsoft’s BitLocker Encryption system which is not available in all Windows 10 Home versions. The data or files added to the system are made secure in case of any theft or such acts and ensures encrypted movement of your stuff.

Windows 10 S feature comparison

windows 10 s features comparison

Apps compatibility issues in Windows 10 S

As I mentioned earlier, In Windows 10 S you can only use apps that are available in Windows Store. But what happens If an app that is available in Windows Store isn’t compatible or not supported with Windows 10 S. In that case you have to move Windows 10 S configuration to Windows 10 Pro. Search for “Windows 10 Pro” in Windows Store if you want to switch to it with affordable price.

How to get Windows 10 S?

Microsoft has made Window 10S available only on the new machines to foresee the response and usability feedback. It won’t get available as a separate version for installation or upgrade on personal computers.

The devices are containing Microsofts Window 10 S made available from almost all the main PC manufacturing partners like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba and Fujitsu with a price starting at $189 in the US.

Bottom line: Good and Bad

  • Excellent Performance and Battery life
  • Windows 10 Pro features in it.
  • A low-cost and excellent choice for schools and educational purposes.
  • No Third-party or desktop programs, you have to use apps from Windows Store.
  • Windows Store isn’t very popular, and companies have to offer their software through Windows Store.

Do you have any questions?

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John December 18, 2018, 1:15 am

My daughter laptop has just come with Windows 10 S and it’s awful. How do I format the hard-drive to start from scratch without slaving it off another pc please?

TrickyWays December 18, 2018, 11:07 pm

Would you please describe the problem with the Windows? If you really want to start from scratch then You need to perform Windows 10 clean install on your laptop. How many partition do you have on your Laptop?

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