iOS 11: How to Use One-Handed Keyboard on iPhone

Apple always tries to facilitate iOS users to their best user experience like the Reachability option Apple added a new One-Handed keyboard option in iOS 11. This option is very similar to the Reachability option that is already available in previous iOS versions. By using this Reachability option, we can double-tap the home button to bring the top of the screen into reach.


We usually type on iPhone with both thumbs, but there might be a situation when you are holding a cup of tea in one hand, and you have to type with the other hand. Typing with one hand and stretching your thumb all the way to the different side alphabet is the bit difficult especially on bigger screen iPhone Plus models. So, Apple added One-Handed keyboard option that will squeeze and shift the entire keyboard on either left or right side whatever option you choose. This one-handed feature is only available for iPhone not for iPad. Let’s experience the single-handed typing on iPhone and how it works.

How to Use One-Handed Keyboard

Suppose you are in the Messages app and writing an SMS by holding your iPhone in your left hand. Instead of stretching your thumb to the other corner for typing the letter ‘P’ you can shift the entire keyboard on the left side. You can change the standard keyboard layout to one-handed by moving the keyboard to left or right side.


Tap and hold the Globe button on the keyboard at the bottom-left corner. You will see a new keyboard icons in the popup menu. If you are using iPhone in your left hand, then tap the left keyboard icon and vice versa.

quicktype one handed ios 11

Once you select the shift left keyboard option, you will see the entire keyboard shifted to the left side. Now its easy to type any letter on the keyboard with one hand. You will notice and big arrow on the other side that you can tap to bring the keyboard back in the middle.

reset keyboard layout ios 11one handed keyboard ios 11
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