Mozilla Released Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’ Comes With New Features and Major Speed Improvements

Today, Mozilla releases the new version Firefox 57, also called Firefox Quantum. According to Mozilla, they rebuilt it from the ground up with the focus how we use the Web today. Firefox Quantum is more efficient with a new engine for fast performance. Better Memory management that uses fewer resources and modern design and feature for quick browsing.

How faster is Firefox Quantum

Mozilla performed few tests to compare the performance of Quantum with previous Firefox and Chrome as well. Firefox Quantum is 2X faster as compare to last version Firefox 52. In addition to speed test, Firefox is also consuming 30% less memory as compared to Chrome that means your computer will have memory to run more stuff smoothly.

Firefox Quantum Features

Now, taking and sharing screenshot Right inside Firefox Quantum is very easy. May exciting things come in the middle of something? Just Pocket it, Pocket is available in the toolbar that helps to save the articles, videos, and pages for later. No additional installation required for next-gen gaming WASM and WebVR, Firefox has built-in support for it.

Firefox is taking private browsing seriously by providing some compelling features for private browsing and tracking protection. Firefox block trackers while private browsing mode is enabled and clear the history entirely.


Moving to Firefox Quantum?

Firefox facilitates the users those who want to switch to the new Firefox. You can easily import your Bookmarks, Auto Fill, Passwords, History from any other browser.

Download Firefox Quantum

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