How to solve photos uploading or downloading problem with iCloud – iPhone / iPad

iCloud, a very handy way to keep your memories stored safely, while having connection with your all Apple devices. If you are in a difficulty to store your pictures or videos in iCloud, nevertheless, something is not okay somewhere in your device.

If your apple device is having difficulty to transfer its photos to iCloud, then our handy tricks and tips will help you to get things done by following easy steps. In this article, we will help you step by step to find ways to solve this issue so you can save your precious memories to your iCloud account. Follow the given steps below to fix the iCloud upload problem. Uploading photos in iCloud option are available if you are running iOS 8.1 or later.

Check iCloud settings

The very first step to take is to check your Apple device settings whether it is all okay there for Photos or not.

  1. Unlock your device, then go to the Setting app, tap on your account which is at the top of the Setting page.
  2. Tap iCloud, let it calculate and load the iCloud storage usage.
  3. Tap on Photos and make it sure that your iCloud Photo Library is turned On. Doing that will automatically upload and store the photos in iCloud so you can easily access entire library including photos and videos from any device. There are two more options related to iCloud Photo Library:
    • Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage option is very handy when your device is low on space. All the photos on the iPhone or iPad storage will be optimized to save space and originals full-resolutions will be stored in iCloud.
    • Download and Keep Originals option will store original photos and videos on iPhone or iPad and in iCloud as well.
  4. Also, make sure the option “Upload to My Photo Stream” is also enabled.
  5. Now, go to and log in with your Apple ID. Select Photos and look for the photos and videos that you uploaded to iCloud from your iPhone or iPad device.

Find what’s taking up space and make some iCloud space

The next thing to look for is to make sure that you are having enough iCloud storage if it is not enough then it will be the reason of not uploading your photos to your iCloud account. Apple provides his user 5GB of free storage. So if you have taken too many photos it might have been filled up.

To check your current space of iCloud storage. Open Setting app, tap on your account name which is at the top of the page then you will find the bar there which tells you your current space of iCloud storage. If it is already filled up then you can free up iCloud space by deleting some pictures from iCloud, backup photos on your computer, exclude the apps from the backup or even delete old backups.

Stop apps from using iCloud storage

There might be some apps that using iCloud storage and taking lots of space. Follow these steps to disable iCloud for those apps.

  1. To see the apps that using iCloud, just go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.
  2. Here, under the section “APPS USING ICLOUD” you will see all the app that using iCloud.
  3. To disable iCloud for the app just turn off the switch in front of that app. This definitely helps you to save lots of iCloud space.

Delete old iCloud Backups

There might be some old devices backup in your iCloude that you no longer needed.

  1. To delete all the old unwanted iCloud backup goto Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.
  2. Select the old device from the BACKUPS list, scroll down to the bottom and tap Delete Backup and then tap Turn Off and Delete option to confirm the deletion. Doing that will make space in iCloud. Of course, you can’t restore iCloud backup later that you just removed.

Delete apps backup from iCloud

  1. Open iPhone/iPad Settings, tap the Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups.
  2. Under BACKUPS tap the device and you will see the list of apps that saved their data in iCloud.
  3. Just turn the switch off for the apps that you don’t want to allow storing data in iCloud.
    Tip: Look for WhatsApp, Mail, iCloud Drive apps that might be the ones that taking huge storage.

Remove iCloud Drive files

Anything that stored in iCloud Drive will take space in iCloud, to free up iCloud storage you need to delete unwanted files from iCloud Drive.

  1. Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > iCloud Drive.
  2. To clear all the iCloud Drive data tap the Delete Documents & Data or to delete individual files just swipe-left on the file to view the Delete option.

Download or delete iCloud Photos

To free up some space in iCloud you can either delete or download photos from iCloud storage, remember videos might be taking more space than photos. So try to download and delete the videos first.

  1. Open web browser and go to and login with Apple ID and password.
  2. Select the Photos app to view all the photos and videos stored in iCloud.
  3. Either delete or download some big size photos or videos to make some space in iCloud.

Upgrade iCloud Storage

If you don’t want to do anything above to create some space in iCloud then just pay and buy more iCloud storage from Apple. Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage > Upgrade and then choose the new plan and pay for it.

Check internal device storage

Another reason of your Apple device not uploading your photos to your iCloud account might be that if you are having lack of internal storage on your Apple device. This reason might seem to some of the user contradictive but it actually affects the procedure. iCloud needs extra little space from the internal storage to upload your memories to your account. So you need to look first if your device having enough internal storage to helping iCloud to upload your files to your account.

Here are some simple steps to check your internal iPhone storage. Unlock your phone, go to Setting > General > iPhone storage, so there you can see if you are running out of space or having enough space. If it is full then you have found the root of your problem. So now you need to delete some of your apps or files in order to save your internal storage. On the iPhone, Storage page scrolls down a bit to find all the apps that take up internal storage.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

As iCloud needs a strong internet connection to run, so there could be some problems with your internet connection that not letting the files to transfer. Check if your internet connection is working fine, Open any app to see if it is working or not or go to your built-in safari browser and see if it is opening the web pages or not. If your WIFI is not working then you need to contact your internet provider service.

Another reason for your internet connection could be that your phone is using on 3G or 4G connection. Turn the cellular data off and switch to a Wi-Fi connection.

Hope our article will help you to fix uploading photos in iCloud problem, if you are having some other issues with your Apple device kindly visit our site on daily basis to find solutions.

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