How to Solve iPhone White Screen Problem

A very scary problem which can occur to any iPhone user if he/she tries to do several things which can go wrong. If the screen of your iPhone has turned white and not showing any icon or apps, the problem has arrived in your iPhone. This problem is called iPhone white screen of death. Yeah, the name sounds scary but not as scary as hell is. Do not worry, your iPhone is not going to die or explode.

We will teach you some of the ways to solve this problem. So you just need to calm yourself down and follow our step by step and the problem will be solved.

What causes the screen to go white?

The screen of an iPhone can turn white due to many reasons but the two very common reasons are.

  • Apple frequently provides its users with the latest updates of iOS and when you try to update your iPhone and due to some reason the update fails, then the white screen can come. This problem is even more common when you try to jailbreak your iPhone and end up not jailbreaking it properly.
  • Another reason can be the hardware’s issue. It is because of the cable which connects the iPhone’s screen to the motherboard. Maybe by dropping your iPhone, the cable would lose or break.

Fix iPhone White Screen Problem

Try one of the following methods to fix the white screen of death problem in your iPhone. By following methods given below you might lose your data when you hard reset of restore you iPhone.

Triple finger tap

The first way is to try triple finger tap first, but this isn’t helpful in most of the cases. This triple finger tap works when there isn’t any chance of having an iPhone’s white screen of death. We can assume that you may have accidentally pushed the screen magnification on and you have zoomed enough on something white. If you are lucky enough of having a white screen because of magnification, the case can be solved by just a simple step.

So to fix the issue, hold your three fingers together and double tap the screen with them. If the issue white screen is because of magnification then the screen will come to its real view. Then go to settings and turn the magnification off.

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By doing hard reset

The best and the mostly working way to get rid of the many problems of the iPhone is to hard reset it. This is categorized as a restart but in this case, you need not touch your screen because your white screen won’t allow you to do it. By doing a hard reset you won’t be losing your data and it also clears iPhone’s ram cache.

Till iPhone 6s plus, we have the same combination of buttons to perform a hard reset. On the other models of iPhone, the combination of buttons are bit different.

  1. Hold the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time
  2. While performing it on the iPhone 7, hold the volume down button and sleep/wake buttons instead
  3. Keep holding until the screen appears with the Apple logo
  4. Leave the buttons and the iPhone will start up like normal.

Apple has introduced a little bit different technology in the home button of iPhone 8 and iPhone X doesn’t have any home button. The process of a hard reset is a little bit different on these phones.

  1. Press the volume up button and leave it.
  2. Press the volume down button and leave.
  3. Hold the sleep/wake button until the iPhone restarts. When the Apple logo appears, leave the button.

Putting iPhone into recovery mode to solve the problem

If the triple finger tap and hard reset didn’t work for you, the next thing to try is to put your iPhone into recovery mode. This is the most powerful source of solving the iPhone’s problem because it helps to reinstall the iOS and also provides the opportunity to back-up your data.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. The next process depends on the model of your iPhone
  3. For iPhone 8, Press and leave volume down button. Press and hold the sleep/wake button. When the iTunes icon appears with the USB cable pointing on it, you are in the recovery mood.
  4. For iPhone 7, Press volume down and sleep/wake button. When the iTunes icon appears with USB cable pointing on it, you are in the recovery mood.
  5. For iPhone 6s plus and previous versions, Press home and sleep/wake buttons together and hold them until the Recovery Mode screen appears.
  6. Now, you can follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to restore your iPhone from backup.

What to do if the iPod or iPad screen turned white?

We have mentioned above that this article is about to fix an iPhone’s white screen, but if the iPods and iPads have the same white screen problem, you need not worry because the solution to their problem is as same as to the iPhone. All these devices share the same hardware components and luckily these all devices are having the same operating system. So the above-mentioned steps can also follow to solve the problem in iPods and iPads.

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