How to Manage Windows Start-up Boot Menu Options

Have ever installed two different operating systems on your computer or laptops at the same time? Dual boot is a great way to test new or another operating system without affecting your current or primary OS.

Some of us want to try every new thing released and I am one of them. Windows is releasing its insider builds for testing with new amazing features. But after sometimes you don’t need the second operating system and decide to remove it, and wondering is it possible or easy removes OS from the computer and also from dual boot manager? There are several ways to do that and follow the instruction below which are very easy like child’s play.

Sometimes you delete the OS from the partition or recreate the partition but still get dual boot option in the startup. Let get rid of this thing.

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What is boot manager in Windows?

It’s a tiny piece of windows software which runs when the system boot process starts. It allows users to choose which operating system to load if you have more than one operating system installed. If you have only 1 operating system installed then it will automatically boot to that operating system by the boot manager.

Hide the Options using advanced restart (only in Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10)

If you don’t want to delete the second OS and want to hide it from other users then you can hide it in boot manager and the computer will normally boot to the primary OS. This will not affect or remove to the running OS. Just hide the OS which you want.

  1. Press “windows key and I” to open settings.
  2. Now click on the last option which is “Update & Security”.
  3. In update & security window click on “Recovery”.
  4. In recovery option, find Advanced start-up, a startup from a device or disk (such as USB drive or DVD), change windows start-up settings or restore windows from a system image, this will restart your PC. Click on “Restart now” button.
    Alternatively: Press shift key from your keyboard and click on the restart button from the start menu and your windows will restart to advanced options.
  5. Select “Use another operating system” and then change the default OS.

Hide/Remove the Options using MSConfig (For all the windows)

  1. Press Windows key and type msconfig in Windows 10 or Windows 8.
    For Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7 click start button and then type msconfig or open Run windows, press Windows+R keys from keyboard then type msconfig and hit enter.
  2. Now click on the second tab named boot and select which operating system you want to boot directly and click on set as default button.
    I have only one operating system install that’s why it showing Windows 10 only.
  3. You can also delete the other operating systems by selecting the OS and click on the delete button. This will only delete OS from boot manager, not from your hard drive.
  4. After that, just restart your computer and enjoy.
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