How to Send Large Files In Email Attachments

Free email service providors set a limit on the file size that you want to attach and send with the email. Somtime you need to send a large file so here we guide you and tell different ways to send a large file as an email attachment without buying any premium service.

Files size limits vary when we compare different email service providers such as Gmail, AOL and Yahoo provide 25MB file size limit per email and Outlook provides 10MB. Even if you use a desktop email client and you will only get 20MB with Microsoft Outlook.

How to Send Large Files as Email Attachments

To send a large file as an email attachment, there are several ways to do that. You can also compress the file and split the compressed file if needed. Or you may need to bypass your email client.


Method 1: Compress attachment files

If you are sending files which are larger than 25MB, then you can compress these files to get the files size under limitations. For example, you are trying to send files which are 30MB in size and Gmail provides only 25MB, then compress the files and you are done. Most of the word .docx, spreadsheets .xlsx, presentation .pptx or image files can be reduced the size from 10 to 75% after compressing. It depends on how much space available in the file data compression algorithm.

To compress the files, you need right click on all the files (doesn’t matter if you have one file, just do it) and then click on Compressed (zipped) folder in Send to the menu option.

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Method 2: Send the file using Google Drive

If your file size is not fit the email client’s limit after the compressing then you can use Google Drive to send such files. You need upload your file to Google drive and then insert the link in the email with assigning rights as you like.

To upload your files to Google Drive you need to log in with your Gmail account and then navigate to Google Drive. After login, you will redirect to Google Drive home page. Click on New button from the top left corner of the window and click on File upload or Files upload.

After that, right click on the uploaded file or folder and select share. Sharing options will be open, select anyone with the link can view. You also have more options, like OFF – only specific people can access, anyone with the link can edit, anyone with the link can comment. Choose as you need and click on Done blue button.

After everything is done, you need to copy the link and past it into an email, that’s it.

Method 3: Send large files using Google Drive integration

This method is way faster than other methods and you don’t need to do anything. Everything is already done, many of us already know about this feature and many of us don’t know.

To get this method works, simply open Gmail and upload larger file than 25MB and Gmail will show you a message Attaching file – Your file is larger than 25MB. It will be sent as a Google Drive link. Your file will be uploaded to your Google Drive account and linked to this email automatically with the assigned right to view anyone.

Method 4: Directly send larger files from Cloud services

It’s another quick and easy way to send larger files without email clients. You just need to login into your cloud share account like Google Drive or OneDrive,

Simply right click on the file or folder which wants to send and select share option. Now just enter the recipient email address and you are done.

Was that helpful for you? If you still need help about uploading large files or getting some kind of error, then feel free to contact us through comments below. we will try our best to solve your issue and also share this guide if it’s valuable to you.

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