Fix: Can’t Upgrade To Windows 10 Due To Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel RST) Drivers

The error “Intel rapid storage technology (Intel RST) The inbox storage driver iastora.sys doesn’t work on these systems and causes stability problems on Windows. Check with your software/driver provider for an updated version that runs on this version of Windows” shows when you try to upgrade your Windows to Windows 10 May update 2019 using Windows 10 update assistant app, Windows Media creation tool or regular update.

Why this error appears?

This error shows when you try to upgrade your Windows, as Intel and Microsoft have compatibility issues with Intel Rapid storage technology (Intel RST) certain drivers ( to not all of them and Windows 10 May update 2019.

Fix “Can’t upgrade to Windows 10 May update 2019 due to Intel rapid storage technology (Intel RST) Drivers”

To fix this Windows 10 error, first, you need to upgrade your Intel® RST drivers which can be downloaded from “Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) User Interface and Driver”. Download the driver form given link according to Windows version like if you have 32-Bit Windows then download 32-Bit drivers and for 64-Bit download 64-bit drivers.

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) User Interface and Driver

After downloading first uninstall your old installed drivers by going into Apps & features and then install the latest downloaded drivers.

Apps & features

After that, check for Windows 10 May update installation process once again and if everything works perfectly then that’s it, if not then you need to follow the instruction below to do some more steps.

Microsoft claims that the updated driver’s version 17.XXXX also cause this issue because you just uninstall the old driver but their directories still backup if anything goes wrong with latest drivers then you can roll back to old drivers version.

In this case, you need to rename or delete old driver files named iastora.sys to iastora_old.sys to do this, simply navigate to this directory of your Windows “C:/Windows/System32/drivers/”.

Here find iastora.sys file and rename it as we mentioned above to iastora_old.sys (you can also rename this file as you need). Now restart your computer and try to upgrade Windows.


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