How to Set Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp Android

Whatsapp is the one of most popular messages service available on the internet and we use this instant messaging app for Video calling, Voice calls and messages which we want to protect with password or fingerprint.

How to lock Whatsapp with Finger Print on Android?

Everyone wants privacy and don’t want to share messages, voice notes, etc. sometimes your family or friend asked you unlock your mobile phone to check your new mobile, its features camera, etc and you can’t say no but on the other hand you also need privacy for your many apps and data. In this case, you need a password to protect or fingerprint your apps to get rid of this situation.

There are many Android operating systems custom skins which are offered built-in fingerprint features such as Fun Touch OS, Color OS, EMUI, MIUI, etc. but all the devices don’t have these operating system.

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How to Set FingerPrint lock on WhatsApp?

To lock Whatsapp with Fingerprint you need to first register as Whatsapp tester which allows you to test the latest Whatsapp features which are currently not available for the public. To register as a tester for Whatsapp navigate to Google Play Store App: WhatsApp Messenger.

After that open Whatsapp messenger app from your android device and click on 3 dotted icons from the top right corner and then click on Settings to open Whatsapp settings.

Whatsapp settings

In the settings windows, click on Accounts.

Whatsapp settings

Now click on Privacy option on Whatsapp Account section.

Whatsapp settings

Scroll down unit you find Fingerprint lock it will be at the bottom of privacy section. Click on Fingerprint lock. Now toggle the Unlock with Fingerprint button to turn this feature on and confirm the fingerprint by touching on the fingerprint sensor.

Whatsapp settings

That’s it, now whenever you open Whatsapp you need to use the fingerprint. If you don’t want to become tester because it might be not working properly then you have to wait for the final release.

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