How to Transfer Data Wirelessly From Old iPhone to New iPhone [Migration Tool]

Here is all you need to know about transferring data from an old iPhone to the new iPhone wirelessly using iOS Migration Tool. Check how it works and how you can migrate data from the older to the New iPhone.Transfer Data From Old iPhone to New iPhone

This major feature for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch was added in iOS 12.4. This update includes a new iOS Migration Tool, Walkie-Talkie Fix, and much more improvements for iPhone. You must have iOS 12.4 or later installed on your device to use Migration Tool. If you have an older version of iOS on your device then you can check the software update in Settings > General > Software Update. You can install this update on your device to find the new migration tool.

Are you planning to buy the iPhone 11 this year? No worries. Today we have got something new for those who are going to buy a new iPhone this year or later. Using this tool, you can easily transfer all of your Photos, Contacts, iCloud settings, Apps data, and everything you want on your new iPhone 11.

How does the Migration Tool work?

Here is a quick step-by-step guide following which you can transfer your all iPhone data to a new one. Moreover, this is useful for those who are transferring from Android to iOS. It’s not a big issue anymore when you have iOS Migration tool available on your iPhone.


I am going to teach you every single thing about all the new migration tool for your iPhone.

Note: For your information, this tool is not working on any iPad. So pardon me if I have mentioned the iPad in the tutorial. Also, iOS 13 beta has no results in migrating data. But I know iOS 13 final release will have this migration tool for sure.

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Transfer your iPhone data

  1. At very first, you need to keep both devices close. In the range, your older iPhone will show a pop-up to scan the code on your New iPhone. Scanning the code, your New iPhone will make a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection with the older iPhone.
  2. Now you will find your device on three options. Following are the little instructions for all three options. You can proceed with one which is suitable for you.
    Transfer data to new iphone

    • Transfer From iPhone: Only use this option if you want to move all data from one iPhone to another. You can initiate this process with the help of a wired connection or wireless connection.
    • Download from iCloud: Like previously, there’s still an option for those who want to download and restore iPhone backup from iCloud.
    • Other Options: This option is for those who want to use “Set Up as New Device”, restore iPhone from iTunes including apps and their data. Also, you can use this option if you want to move from Android to iOS easily. I hope you have an understanding of all of the three mentioned options. Now, in this process, we are going to use the first option. In this case, I am just using a wireless connection to make a data migration between two iPhones.
  3. Select or Choose the 1st option as I am doing in my case. Within minutes iPhone will create a peer-to-peer connection with the other iPhone.
    transfer from iphone
  4. Depending on your iPhone data size, it will show you approximately the remaining time. Sit back and take a cup of coffee.
  5. Finally, when it finishes all you have to go through the activation screen. Enter your iCloud & Apple ID information.

As a result, you will find your iPhone on the same home screen, with the same application location but the downloading status of all apps. There is no need to worry about your data. It’s a perfect tool to move your Old iPhone data to the New iPhone.

That’s all for today. If you are facing any errors with iOS Migration tool then comment below. We will look into that. Our team will reply to your comment as soon as possible with the solution to the error. If you have found this article helpful then also leave feedback below.

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