How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Here is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Any Android smartphone. In this tutorial, I am sharing methods to do this with a computer or without a computer.

Hello folks, if you are one who is planning to transfer from iPhone to Android device due to any reason and don’t know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android then you are at the right place where I am going to show two possible and easiest methods.

Transferring data from iPhone to Android or the other way Android to iPhone is such a hard job. No doubt, iOS and Android both are one of the popular operating systems in the world. Due to the difference in file extensions and the build, it is hard to transfer data But, you can still transfer contacts from one OS to another OS without more effort.


Follow any of the given methods to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android easily.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android using Google Account

One of the easiest and popular methods is here. In this method, we are not going to use a computer. All is the need, to create or log in with your same Gmail account on your iPhone and Android device.

So, on your iPhone if you have already added your account for the Mail app, just sign out. Now on iOS 13 or later, Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account. Just Login in your Google account. Now you will find the option to enable and setup it. Do not forget to enable contacts options.

transfer contacts to android - add google account to iphoneiPhone - enable contacts in google account

So now login with the same account on your Android phone and you will find your all contacts within 1-3 minutes. That’s so much easy. Just do it.

However, due to any reason if you can’t find contacts on your Android device using this method, try another one that requires a laptop.

Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android in 5 minutes

So there is another method to transfer your all iPhone contacts to any other Android device. This method requires a computer and an iCloud account.

At first, if you do not have any iCloud account, Sign Up for a new one and then follow the next procedure.

After signing in iCloud ID on your iPhone, Go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Enable Contacts and merge them when the pop up appears on the screen.

Now depending on the internet connection speed, all contacts will save on iCloud. However, if you have already enabled this option there is no need to waste time.

Go to on your PC. Log in with your iCloud ID and hit the contacts application on the screen.

transfer icloud contacts to android

Now, I have hidden my all contacts but you will find this Export vCard option enabled. Just download a single vCard including your all contacts and save it on your PC.

export icloud contacts

Finally, using Bluetooth or Wired connection, transfer this vCard on your Android Smartphone in file manager and you will find all contacts.

That’s all for today. There are also a couple of third-party tools available for PC to transfer data from iPhone to Android. But we are not using them for safety purposes.

Now, if you have any questions ask them in the comment box below. Also, these methods will work 100% for you I am sure about this.

For more frequently asked questions, iOS Solutions and Android Solutions you can visit our blog again. Signing out, Peace.


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