How to Backup iPhone / iPad with Finder on macOS

Here’s how you can create a backup of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on macOS Catalina with Finder. It works fine but the way is different to do this if you are using macOS Catalina.Backup iPhone or iPad with Finder on macOS

Another day, another amazing tutorial for the macOS Catalina users. In the last macOS update Apple separated the iTunes application into 3 different. Now music, podcasts and TV apps are separated and available on the macOS App Store. With the separation of main application managing data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be done via Finder available on macOS Catalina.

Like other external storage devices your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is now available in the Finder. You can check the sidebar and under locations your device name. You can still sync and manage data on your iOS device or iPadOS device. So, in this tutorial, I am just going to share with you how to backup iPhone or iPad on macOS Catalina using Finder. Follow the given steps and it’s done for you.

Backup iOS device using Finder on macOS

  1. At the very first, using Lightening to USB or USB-C port cable connect your device with your Mac.
  2. Open Finder and hit YOUR DEVICE name showing in the sidebar under locations.
    select your device showing in locations
  3. To make sure it’s being used by the owner, hit the trust button on screen and follow instructions on your iPhone. Troubleshoot if device isn’t showing in Finder
  4. Go to the GENERAL section and hit ‘Backup all of the data on iPhone/iPad to this Mac’.
  5. Finally, hit the BACKUP NOW button showing on your Mac Screen.
    back up all data to mac

Please note that, you can use the Encrypt backup button for safety purposes. No one can restore your phone’s data without knowing the password of the encrypted backup. It’s also not even possible to decrypt and extract data. So, remember the password for encryption or write down it anywhere for future use.


Depending on the size of data on your device creation of backup will done. Moreover, you can now check the status of current function beside the name of your device name. As a result, the circle is full you can unplug your device.

backup status in progress

How to view device backups

If you are interested to check all the backup of devices along with the time and date just go to General Tab > Hit Manage Backups and check them all. Delete all those which do not look new to save space on your Mac for future backup.

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check all the back up of devices

That’s all about today. I know you may feel something annoying here but believe me it’s just a matter of habit. Keep using Finder to sync and manage data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you will get used to this.

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