iPadOS 15 tons of new features for iPad

At the WWDC 2021, Apple unveiled the iPadOS 15. Apple announced tons of new features for iPad like Widgets, Apple Library, Multi-tasking, Translate, and more.


ipados 15 new feature


You might already use widgets on your iPhone and just like that in iPadOS, you can add new widgets to your screen and move them anywhere in between the icons or on empty space. iPadOS widgets are bigger to utilize big screen space. You can create widget stacks by drawing and putting one widget on another one and then swipe through to check them. You will notice new widget of Mail, Find My, Contacts, App Store and more.widgets ipad os 15


App Library

App Library is a new feature coming in iPadOS. Those who don’t know, Apple Library allow you to combine different installed app into categories like Utilities, Games, Office, etc. On your iPad, the App Library will be available right on the Dock. You can also change the order of iPad Home screen pages or even hide them.

app library ipad


In this new iPadOS 15 update, iPad Safari is very much like the Safari in macOS now. It got new tabs design to browse through more pages easily. You can create a tabs group and give it a name, Share them with your friends and family or even sync them across Mac and iPhone and that allows you to start the work on another device from the point where you left. Not only that you can add extensions in the Safari browsers which will be available in the App Store.

safari ipados 15

Multitasking – full screen, Split View, and Slide Over

In the iPadOS 15, multitasking is improved and you can use it to switch between full screen, Split View, and Slide Over. When you are using a keyboard with your iPad, multitasking is easier for you with the help of new shortcuts. You can use these shortcuts for the multitasking options and switch between Split View and Slide over with ease.

split view ipados 15

Notes and Quick Notes

Apple added new features for collaboration and organization. If you have shared notes with others, now you can mention people within the notes like @Wick and they will get notifications and the Activity view that help you to know what’s changed when you were away. To organize your notes, you can tag notes and that will help you to categories the notes and find them more quickly from a list.

notes ipados 15

Quick Notes is one of my favorite features that you can use to write down notes while you are browsing Safari. You might have thought when browser jot down it as a note and add the link of that website with a single tap.

quick notes ipados 15



Apple adding Translation to iPadOS 15 and you can translate handwriting to another language with the Apple Pencil. Translate was designed for conversations which makes it easier and feels more natural with Auto Translate detects the speaking language. Also, system-wide translation is available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac that allows you to translate text anywhere, just select the text and tap Translate and even you can translate photo text with the help of live text.translate ipados 15

Live Text

This new feature helps you to detect useful information in the images, and you can copy it, make a call or even send emails with just a tap. You can translate seven different languages from images with the help of the live text translate feature.

live text translate ipados 15


Leave a comment below and tell us which feature is your favorite one and there are more features Apple added in this update, follow this link to know more about the iPadOS 15 updates.

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