How to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive

You might be looking for a way to create a Windows 11 Bootable USB so you can install it on your computer. In this guide, you will learn how to make Windows 11 bootable USB using a utility called Rufus.

Your PC must fulfill the system requirements to install Windows 11, you can check the Windows 11 system requirement?

How to create Windows 11 bootable USB

There might be some other ways to make a bootable USB drive but the method to create a bootable USB, I personally found very easy. But, before going to the next step:

  • You must have Windows 11 ISO image file on your computer
  • Download Rufus utility.
  • A USB drive and make sure you saved everything from it because you are going to format it and make it bootable.

Creating bootable USB

  1. Connect the USB drive with the computer and Run the Rufus utility that you just downloaded from the website mentioned above.
  2. From the Rufus interface, select the USB drive that you just connected in the previous step.
    select a usb drive to make it bootable
  3. Now, click the Select button under “Boot selection” and then choose the Windows 11 IOS image file, as you are going to make a bootable drive for Windows 11.
    boot selection the windows 11 iOS file
  4. The partition scheme is really important for the USB If your BIOS mode is UEFI then you need to select the GPT option and if the BIOS mode is Legacy then select MBR from the Partition scheme drop-down. My BIOS Mode is legacy and Secure Boot is unsupported and not TPM 2.0, so I selected MBR.
    partition schemeCheck Your BIOS Mode:
    If you want to check your current Bios mode, simply right click on the Start button and start typing System Information  open the System Information from the search results and on the right side of the Window, you can look for the BIOS Mode option.
  5. Now, just click the Start button, you will see a warning message about the USB drive, that all the data on the USB will be deleted. If you saved all the data from the drive, just click OK and let the Rufus utility do the magic.

This will take some time to make a Windows 11 bootable USB drive, so be patient and wait for it to complete the process. Once Rufus finished creating the bootable USB you can use the drive to boot the system from it and install Windows 11.

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