Turn Hardware Acceleration ON to Improve Browsing in Google Chrome

Hardware acceleration in Google chrome is very handy. This feature passes the intensive tasks to the GPU within the browser, by doing this it speeds up the processes and overall experience. It's very good for your computer, your browser works faster and your computers CPU free to do other tasks because the load will be [...]

How to Avoid Toll Roads Using Google Maps / Apple Maps

Paying for toll is definitely an extra expense while traveling. But you can bypass the toll roads with the help of navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Avoiding the toll roads may save you some money but this may result in more traveling or longest route. If you don't have any problem with [...]


How to Go Live on YouTube from Mobile or Computer

YouTube, one of the leading websites of the world make it simple to go live with news, gameplay, music or for any reason with the help of Live Streaming feature. YouTube Go live features is available to everyone so you can easily go live and stream your video either from your desktop or directly from [...]

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Specs, Price, Preorder and Availability

Google unveiled its latest and brand new Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones in market. These two smart phones are first devices as self branded by Google brand unlike Google Nexus before it. Google is now working with HTC to pump out the devices as manufacturing partners. Which mean the two Smartphone Google Pixel and [...]

Google Officially Launched Google Allo for iOS and Android

Wait is over now, Google released its second new Google Allo messaging app, and it’s already hits five million download in Google play store. The first app was Google Duo. Everybody rely on messaging to stay connected with their families or friends. But sometime we pause ogoon our conversations, whether to look up that a [...]

Update: Google Photos Gets New Features for iOS

Google Photos is an app for iOS and Android, its home for your all videos and photos. It’s a photo gallery where you can search faster, share and edit your photos and videos. The main thing is it can back-up your all the photos and videos automatically. Recently Google has released an update of Google [...]


How to Download Videos and Pictures from Google Photos

Downloading all the Videos and Pictures from Google Photos for editing purpose, creating your own personal movies, backing-up all the data locally or for any other purpose? For any situation you can download all the data very easily. With this method that we discussed below, you can download all Google products data if you want [...]

Remotely Access PC or Mac Computer from Anywhere Using Computer or Mobile Phone

Remote computer access from anywhere and screen sharing for technical help is beneficial if you stuck into any problem and didn’t know what to do, with remote computer access connections you can ask anyone to connect to your computer and manage things like setting in front of your computer. A new Google Chrome extension released [...]

How to Save and Tag Images from Google Image Search

Google's image save and tag feature that allow user to save their favorite images from Google search tag them and sort into collections for later. When you preview any image from Google search, a save button shows along with the other buttons. Saved images can be access through this URL www.google.com/save or through View Saved [...]

Google Allo Makes Conversations Eeasier, Productive, and more Expressive

Google just announced two new app Allo and Duo for iOS and Android with amazing features at their annual I/O event. Google introduced their latest apps and you can pre-register now. Allo is a smart messaging app which is powered by Google Assistant. This smart app is designed to enable users for unique conversations. This [...]

Google Duo Will Change the Way of Video Call, Pre-Register Now

Google announced new app Duo along with the Allo app at their annual I/O event. Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment. Duo is very simple and fast one to one video calling application for iOS and Android. Whether [...]

Access Google Chrome Saved Passwords from Anywhere

With the help of built-in password manager of Google Chrome browser you can choose to save password for website. Whenever you are using Chrome browser and try to logged-in on and website browser will asks you to save password so next time you don't need to enter again. This is good for those who usually [...]

How to Delete all Emails from Specific Sender in Gmail

You might receiving subscription based emails or through any source from different companies on daily basis. When you are not reading deleting emails regularly this will results in thousands of emails in your inbox after few months. Few emails can be selected and deleted at once but when you have hundreds or even thousands of [...]

How to Open Selected Web Pages Automatically on Google Chrome Startup

When we start our computer we must open and check some specific web sites like Social media sites, Calendar and Email etc. We can setup Google Chrome as we need to make it easy and reopen specific pages every time, we can set specific websites that will automatically open whenever you run Google Chrome browser. [...]

How Delete all Web and App Activity History from Google Account

If you are logged into your browser using Google account then Google will keep track of some information like Web & App activity, Device information, Location History and YouTube search and watch history as well. When you search a keyword and browser a website some information stored in your Google account history under Web & [...]

How to Access Open Tabs on Another Device – Google Chrome

You can access open tabs of one computer across others If you work on multiple computers like at home and office.  Suppose you were browsing something, have some useful tabs open in Google Chrome at the office. You can access the same Chrome's open tabs at home as well. To access open tabs across synced [...]

Enable Mute Audio Button on Google Chrome Tabs

In Google chrome there is no visual control to mute sound from tab, when you open Chrome and restore old tabs suddenly a video or sound plays automatically and an icon show that this tab is playing media. You can’t find where to stop it, either you have to mute the system sound or click [...]

Browse Web Pages Offline on Google Chrome without Internet Connectivity

To access any web site without internet is possible but you must have visit that website in past. If you lost your internet connection due to any reason and you want to access that website, sounds crazy right? But yes it is true just some modifying in Google Chrome. After modification Google Chrome saved a [...]

How to Save Google Maps Offline Android

Are you going some place where you don't expect internet connectivity. No problem, you can save Google Maps offline on your Android phone to view saved maps later without internet. Of course this will decrease the map loading time and save data usage as well. Process to download Google Maps offline is very simple, just [...]

How to Crop and Rotate Images in Google Docs

Google added some basic image editing features to Google Docs and now instead of using any image editor to perform basic image editing you can crop images, rotate images and add border to images right inside Google Docs. Process to do that is simple and straightforward. See Also: Enable Download to Google Drive Option You [...]

How to Enable Out of Office AutoReply Email in Web Gmail

Folks who want to activate auto reply or out of office auto reply in their web based Gmail can follow the guide after the break to do so. Out of office auto-reply in Gmail is a great option if you are on vacation and suppose you don't have access to the internet but you have [...]

How to Restrict Browsing in Google Chrome by Creating Supervised User

Supervised users is a new feature included to Google Chrome web browser thats a sort of parental control feature. As a Manager you are allowed to keep an eye on the browsing activity of supervised users and determine site restrictions for your family members who are using Chrome on your computer. Here, you continue reading [...]

How to View, Delete and Disable Google Location History

Google report location of a user from the device on which he ever is logedd in using Google account including on desktop computer, tablets, Android, iPhone or iPad. And by combining the report location data, Google creates and manage location history for users which is used by several Google apps like Google Maps and Google [...]

Google Released Android Device Manager App to Find Lost Devices

Google launched Android Device Manager standalone app to support Android users to locate their lost devices with the integration to Google Android Device Manager web service. So if you are familiar with Apple's Find My iPhone app for iDevices then you must understand the concept of Android Device Manager app as well, as both of [...]