How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail Account

Gmail is the most popular email service used by most of the persons. When you send an email to someone your name is displayed to the recipient. When creating an email account then you have to provide your display name. On the other hand, you can change it afterward. You can change your display name [...]

gmail cc bcc

How to Cc or Bcc an Email Copy Using Gmail Web or Mobile App

Nearly all email providers support the feature of CC and BCC fields. Gmail is also one of them. These fields are used to send additional copies of emails. Let’s have a look that what are these fields in Gmail and how to use them on desktop or mobile. In this Guide: What are CC and [...]

sending automatic reply email in gmail

How to Send Automatic Reply Emails in Gmail

Receiving automated emails in our inboxes is routine. You might have noticed the confirmation or acknowledgment emails received in your inbox. These emails are automated. If you are willing to send automatic reply emails in Gmail and lessen your workload due to manual email composing, then we are going to show you how to send [...]

insert pdf in google docs

How to Insert a PDF Into a Google Doc

Google Docs is getting more popular day by day as an alternative to Microsoft applications. Because of its growing popularity and ease of use many students across the globe prefer to use Google Docs. They, many times need to insert a PDF file in their documents. There are a couple of ways to do so. [...]

google meet change display name

How to Change Your Name on Google Meet

Google Meet uses the same name as you have on your Google account. Changing the Google Meet display name is the same as modifying the Google account name. In this guide, you will learn to change the display name on Google Meet from the website and on Android phones. In this guide: Change your name [...]

google account name

How to Change Your Google Account Name

If you want to use a different name for your online presence then Google allows you to change your account name at any time. You can change the name using the browser on a desktop, or from a mobile device like Android, iPhone, or iPad. When you are using different Google services, your name can [...]

hide youtube subscribers

How to Hide YouTube Subscribers Count From Your Videos

Showing YouTube subscriber count on your videos is good when you have good numbers. But, if you just started and the subscriber’s count is little to zero then you might want to hide it. In this guide, you will learn to hide your Youtube subscribers. Why hide your subscribers? You might want to hide your [...]

How to Transfer Google Authenticator Accounts to Another Phone

Are you going to use your new phone? If you bought a new iPhone or Android phone and you already using Google Authenticator app for two-factor authentication (2FA) then make sure you transfer the Accounts to your new phone. Otherwise, you might find yourself locked out without 2FA codes. What is 2FA? In case if [...]

Best Way to Minimize Data Usage in the YouTube App [iOS / Android]

YouTube is no doubt the world’s no 1 online video streaming website, where anyone can watch all most every type of videos and its favorite streaming platform for all of us. But it’s a data hog too, if you are watching the video using Wi-Fi then you don’t worry about the bandwidth but cellular data [...]

How to Send Large Files In Email Attachments

Free email service providors set a limit on the file size that you want to attach and send with the email. Somtime you need to send a large file so here we guide you and tell different ways to send a large file as an email attachment without buying any premium service. Files size limits [...]

How to Export Google Chrome Installed Extension

Extensions in Google Chrome Web Store never disappear but they won’t be available on the store if the developer removes them or a specific feature might remove when they updated them. If you are stick to an extension’s specific version and you think this might be updated or removed from the Store. You can backup [...]

Turn Hardware Acceleration ON to Improve Browsing in Google Chrome

Hardware acceleration in Google chrome is very handy. This feature passes the intensive tasks to the GPU within the browser, by doing this it speeds up the processes and overall experience. It’s very good for your computer, your browser works faster and your computers CPU free to do other tasks because the load will be [...]

How to Avoid Toll Roads Using Google Maps / Apple Maps

Paying for toll is definitely an extra expense while traveling. But you can bypass the toll roads with the help of navigation apps like Google Maps or Apple Maps. Avoiding the toll roads may save you some money but this may result in more traveling or longest route. If you don’t have any problem with [...]

How to Go Live on YouTube from Mobile or Computer

YouTube, one of the leading websites of the world make it simple to go live with news, gameplay, music or for any reason with the help of Live Streaming feature. YouTube Go live features is available to everyone so you can easily go live and stream your video either from your desktop or directly from [...]

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Specs, Price, Preorder and Availability

Google unveiled its latest and brand new Pixel and Pixel XL smart phones in market. These two smart phones are first devices as self branded by Google brand unlike Google Nexus before it. Google is now working with HTC to pump out the devices as manufacturing partners. Which mean the two Smartphone Google Pixel and [...]

Google Officially Launched Google Allo for iOS and Android

Wait is over now, Google released its second new Google Allo messaging app, and it’s already hits five million download in Google play store. The first app was Google Duo. Everybody rely on messaging to stay connected with their families or friends. But sometime we pause ogoon our conversations, whether to look up that a [...]

Update: Google Photos Gets New Features for iOS

Google Photos is an app for iOS and Android, its home for your all videos and photos. It’s a photo gallery where you can search faster, share and edit your photos and videos. The main thing is it can back-up your all the photos and videos automatically. Recently Google has released an update of Google [...]

How to Download Videos and Pictures from Google Photos

Downloading all the Videos and Pictures from Google Photos for editing purpose, creating your own personal movies, backing-up all the data locally or for any other purpose? For any situation you can download all the data very easily. With this method that we discussed below, you can download all Google products data if you want [...]

Remotely Access PC or Mac Computer from Anywhere Using Computer or Mobile Phone

Remote computer access from anywhere and screen sharing for technical help is beneficial if you stuck into any problem and didn’t know what to do, with remote computer access connections you can ask anyone to connect to your computer and manage things like setting in front of your computer. A new Google Chrome extension released [...]

How to Save and Tag Images from Google Image Search

Google’s image save and tag feature that allow user to save their favorite images from Google search tag them and sort into collections for later. When you preview any image from Google search, a save button shows along with the other buttons. Saved images can be access through this URL or through View Saved [...]

Google Allo Makes Conversations Eeasier, Productive, and more Expressive

Google just announced two new app Allo and Duo for iOS and Android with amazing features at their annual I/O event. Google introduced their latest apps and you can pre-register now. Allo is a smart messaging app which is powered by Google Assistant. This smart app is designed to enable users for unique conversations. This [...]

Google Duo Will Change the Way of Video Call, Pre-Register Now

Google announced new app Duo along with the Allo app at their annual I/O event. Duo is a one-to-one video calling app for everyone – designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment. Duo is very simple and fast one to one video calling application for iOS and Android. Whether [...]

Access Google Chrome Saved Passwords from Anywhere

With the help of built-in password manager of Google Chrome browser you can choose to save password for website. Whenever you are using Chrome browser and try to logged-in on and website browser will asks you to save password so next time you don’t need to enter again. This is good for those who usually [...]