Fix Microsoft Edge Isn’t Working See How to Clear Browser Data

Microsoft Edge web browser introduced in Windows 10 and its still footing in the market. When Microsoft Edge isn't working and crashing then you may want to reset settings to default. Loading browser's default settings will fix some issue and glitches that may effects to your browsing. If you are facing any unknown issue with [...]

How to Use Cortana Built-In Dictionary Windows 10

Do you want to know meaning of any words frequently? Just like to find a meaning or definition of a specific word, we just Google it to find out, If you are Windows 10 user then Cortana is a very powerful, she can show some result with meanings of specific word, best matched stuff from [...]


How to Enable Old Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 included a new default Photo viewer app Photos but old Windows Photo Viewer is still included but it’s hidden and not set as default photo viewer in Windows 10. Those who upgraded Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 have already activated Windows photo viewer but those who Installed fresh copy of [...]

How to Download and Install Official WhatsApp on Windows and Mac

WhatsApp is most famous instant messaging app for smartphone devices. Recently its web version released in which you can use WhatsApp on you Windows or Mac browsers with QR code. You can’t use WhatsApp without logging into smartphones , you must logged in WhatsApp on your smartphone and have to maintain an active internet connection [...]

What is Windows 10 Developer Mode and How to turn it on?

Windows 10 introduced a new way (Developer Mode) for development in windows 10. Now you don’t have to require a developer license to develop, test or install your apps. You just need to enable the developers mode in windows 10 and you are all set to go.  This configuration option allows developer to test their [...]


How to Delete Chat History of Specific One Contact from Skype

You might be trying to find a way to delete chat history of specific one contact from Skype. You can remove or clear the history completely but not for a particular contact. Skype is a very famous app for conversation, video conferencing and VOIP related services. Millions of people use Skype every day and it’s [...]

How to Control Volume for Individual Program in Windows

Adjusting volume for individual apps by using volume mixer was introduced in Windows Vista. If you have application that always seems to play very loud or soft then this can be useful. Windows offers many ways to configure the settings of sound or normalize the volume, sometimes we need adjust the volume when we can’t [...]

How to Customize Send to Menu in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Do you want to customize send to context menu in Windows 10 or older versions? If you don't know what a 'Send to' menu is then you can find this every time whenever you right-click on any file, folder, document or media files and then select Send to from context menu that contain different options [...]

How to Disable or Turn off Windows 10 Notification Sound

In Windows 10 a new style of notifications which is called ‘Toast Notification’. The notification tile slides out form lower-right corner with sound alert and message text but sometimes notification sound and message alert might disturbing when working in office, watching movie or playing games. If you like windows 10 Toast Notification but not the [...]

How to Make Windows 10 Slide to Shut Down Like Windows Phone

If you use any Windows device then you know you can hold the power button for few seconds to slide to power off, this can also accomplished by creating shortcut on Windows 10 Desktop PC or Laptop. It’s just the matter of finding the right file which is hidden in system32 folder. If you want [...]

How to Clear Quick Access History from File Explorer Windows 10

Do you want to remove folders, programs and files from Windows Quick Access history section? Frequently accessed files and folders should be quickly accessible and Windows Quick Access feature help us to achieve that by listing most frequently used programs, files and folders. But some time due to some confidential data you may not want [...]

How to Show Custom Login Screen Message on Windows 10

If you share your computer at office or home with co-worker, friends or family members then you must face a situation where you want to show custom message on computer's login screen due to any reason like telling other users about project folder or leave message like this computer is monitored by me or boss [...]

How to Create Local User Account in Windows 10 Without Microsoft Account

Do you want to create local account on Windows 10 without using Microsoft email account? If you upgrade or clean install Window 10 then Windows will ask you to use Microsoft account as login. Microsoft actually wants you to do this so they can easily hook you up with their online services like files in [...]

How to Add Another Different Time Zone Clock in Windows 10

If you work with a team and that teams lives at different places than yours or when you working with people or companies around the globe then you must know their local time so you can contact them at the right time. Windows allow us to add additional clocks with different time zones to handle [...]

How to Use Android Phone as Wireless Mic for PC and Mac

Technology is making man’s dreams and imagination possible. Did you ever wish that your smartphone can be used as a Microphone for your Windows PC or OS X Mac? If yes, then your dream has come true with the advent of technology. In this article, we will tell you how to use your Android smartphone [...]

How to Reclaim Disk Space After Updating Windows

Are you out of disk space on Windows computer? If you want to reclaim and free up some some space on hard disk then follow this guide to remove temp, installation, recycle bin, etc files that created during browsing internet, software installation or Windows updates. How many have you already installed windows 10 as their [...]

How to Find Apps that Using Most of your Laptop’s Battery on Windows 10

Sometimes there are few unwanted third-party software or Windows 10 apps that causing battery drainage faster. Windows 10 includes new Battery Usage section which helps you to identify and analyze the apps that consuming most of the laptop battery. Just like battery usage section available in iOS or Android device that show battery usage by [...]

How to Find and Save Windows 10 lock Screen Wallpapers

Do you like the wallpapers that displayed on Windows lock screen? Do you want to save these wallpapers? Windows 10 Spotlight is a new feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10. This feature automatically set new Wallpapers on Windows lock screen from Bing search that asks you to submit feedback as well. If you submit [...]

How to Run Multiple Dropbox Accounts on One Computer

Want to use more that one Dropbox account? then you are at right place. Technology has brought many interesting stuff to user’s desktop and Dropbox is one of them. I am sure most of you must already be aware of the usage and advantage of this useful backup service but for new users, let me [...]

Login to Multiple Skype Accounts at the Same Time on Computer

You can login to different Skype accounts at same time on your computer. You might have two Skype accounts, one for business purpose and the other one is personal. It’s really difficult to use two different computers to run multiple Skype accounts or we can logout and login to switch between accounts every time on [...]

How to Install Windows 10 Store Apps on USB or External Drive

Windows 10 comes with tons of new features and improvements. Installing app store apps on another drive, changing location and storing documents, pictures, music and videos are one of those improvements or new features, install app or moved already install apps to an external hard drive or USB drive. However things have changed now as [...]

How to Create and Restore Windows 10 System Image Backup

Using system image backup option in Windows 10 you can easily create complete system image backup. Windows backup tool using system recover image file is of them. It’s not new feature because it was available in previous version of Windows except Windows 8. There are a lot of feature related to backup and restore Windows [...]