Stop emails from tracking you in macOS Apple Mail

Stop emails from tracking you in macOS Apple Mail

Do you know Apple allows you to prevent loading remote content in the email message? Doing that you will be safe from tracking by the marketers who can steal the information, when and where you have open the email, sounds creepy right? How they track you through emails? When you open an email there might [...]

Use Classic Layout in OS X Lion Mail App

If you are not comfortable with the new layout of Mail app in Mac OS X Lion then there is an option to change the Mail app layout to old Classic view. Open Mail app in OS X Lion Click on Mail menu and select Preferences Select “Viewing” tab and Check the “Use classic layout” [...]

How to Transfer Apple Mail to New Mac

If you got a new Mac and want to transfer Apple Mail to new Mac then here is a simple and easy method to transfer emails to a new Mac computer. Just follow the step by step guide to transfer Apple Mail to another Mac. Transfer Apple Mail to another Mac On your old Mac [...]

How to Transfer Emails From Outlook to Apple Mail

If you have switched from Windows to Mac or just want to transfer Outlook emails to Apple Mail due to any reason then you are at the right place. I write this guide using Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and hopefully this works on other OS versions of Windows and Mac as [...]

How to Setup Gmail in Apple Mail

Setting up Gmail in Apple Mail is very easy process, and it takes just a few minutes. Before starting the process we just remind as a prerequisite that you must have a Gmail account to do that, or in case if you have not Gmail account then first create your account on Gmail and then [...]