How to Install Cydia on iOS 8 – 8.1 After Jailbreaking with Pangu

Few day ago Pangu released iOS 8 jailbreak that didn’t include the Cydia app. If you are one of those who have already jailbroken iOS 8 device or cannot wait for Pangu update, we have got your covered. In this guide you will learn how to install Cydia on your jailbroken iOS 8.1-iOS 8 running [...]

Download BiteSMS for iOS 7 to Replace Default Messaging App on iPhone

BiteSMS beta released with the support for iOS 7 and the latest 64 bit A7 processor devices iPhone 5S and 5C, as the app is popular enough and a replacement of the Stock Messages app on iPhone. BiteSMS gives options to compose and reply messages quickly, with some other features like scheduled messages, auto-forward, auto-retry, [...]

How to Add Five Column Springboard in iOS 7

By default, there are four columns of icons display on an iPhone Springboard and Apple doesn’t let you allow to add fifth column but if you have jailbroken your iPhone over iOS 7 then here is a Cydia tweak which makes possible for you to add five-column icons display on your device home screen. See [...]

Dismiss The Keyboard with ReturnDismiss [Cydia Tweak]

ReturnDismiss is a free Cydia tweak for jailbroken iOS devices that allows users to dismiss the Keyboard just by pressing the return key on device. Some times its quite annoying for users when keyboard popup automatically with application on iOS devices, so in that case ReturnDismiss help to take a quick action to make it [...]

Blur Homescreen Wallpaper When Opening Folders with FolderBlur [Cydia Tweak]

Hashbang Productions released FolderBlur a Cydia tweak that blur your iPhone’s home screen wallpaper when you open a folder. The purpose of blur tweak is exactly just to focus on opened folder and to add a little uniqueness to your personal settings on iPhone. FolderBlur for iPhone is available free for download but first you [...]

Saurik Released Cydia for Android

Saurik has released Cydia Substrate for Android which is available for download via Google Play Store for free. To install Cydia on Android it is necessary that your Android is rooted. Cydia Substrate for Android is compatible with mobile devices over Android 2.3 to 4.2. Initially, WinterBoard is available as a free extension with Cydia [...]

How to Make Yahoo’s New Weather App the Default in iOS

Few days back Yahoo has releaed Yahoo! Weather app for iOS, which is quite a nice application by Yahoo. The iOS users know it that Apple does not allowed users to change default weather app on iOS. Yet its possible for those with jailbroken iDevices through a Cydia tweak to set Yahoo! Weather app default [...]

How to Enable System Wide Chat Heads on iPhone with MessageBox [Cydia Tweak]

Chat Heads is a new feature included to Facebook for iOS, thats introduced first in Facebook Home for Android. Beacuse of some Apple limitations Chat Heads is not accessible system wide on iOS, so to resolve the issue Adam Bell brings a Cydia tweak MessageBox. MessageBox Cydia tweak makes it possible to enable Facebook Chat [...]

How to Force the iPhone’s Calculator into Landscape Mode

LandscapeCalc is a Cydia tweak which is quite useful for folks who work a lot with scientific iPhone’s calculator. This tweak forces iPhone’s Calculator into landscape mode after the first rotation from portrait to landscape, and lock it there until you get exit from Calculator. Just install LandscapeCalc and it adds its functionality to iPhone [...]

MessageSwiper Allows to Swipe Between Conversations on iPhone [Cydia Tweak]

MessageSwiper is a free Cydia tweak that adds a functionality to go back and forth between text message streams, right within the Apple’s native Messages app for iOS. Just visit Cydia’s BigBoss repo to install MessageSwiper tweak which is a free download. MessageSwiper does not include any icon on installation, instead it just adds the [...]

How to Make Status Bar Clock Fade into View [Cydia Tweak]

While you unlock your iPhone’s home screen there is no animation like stuff appears, so if you want to add some animation to your iPhone’s screen, which appears after unlocking then ClockFade, a Cydia tweak is available for users having jailbroken iDevices. After installing ClockFade on iPhone, just navigate through “Settings” app from Springboard, to [...]

Turn on iPhone Flash in Panorama Mode [Cydia Tweak]

Taking Panorama through iPhone Camera is an exciting feature of iOS 6+ but its glaring omission is that you can not turn ON iPhone’s LED flash during that process, so there would be an issue of perfect lightning which is required for capturing a bright Panorama. Users with jailbroken iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or iPod [...]

How to Enable Still Captures while Shooting Video on iPod Touch 5G

The iPhone 5 users experienced that you can capture photos at the same time while you are shooting video on your iDevice but this functionality is missing in iPod Touch 5G. Now if you want to enable still captures while shooting video on iPod Touch 5G then continue reading after the break, to find its [...]

Reminders+ Tweak Puts Reminders on iOS LockScreen

Reminders+ is a free Cydia tweak that let you allow to put your specific reminders on your iPhone’s lockscreen, with the help of stock iOS Reminder application. You just have to download and install Reminder+ cydia tweak through BigBoss repo, which will automatically get integrated to Reminder app on iPhone. Now, just open your reminders [...]

Print WebPages as PDF with PDF Printer [Cydia Tweak]

PDF Printer is a Cydia Tweak that let you allow to save web pages as PDFs and adds Print as PDF functionality to Safari web browser on iOS. This tweak is available free for download via BigBoss repository. After installing PDF Printer just open a web page in Safari, then you will observe that under [...]

How to Make Google Maps the Default iOS Map App

Although, Google has released standalone Google Maps for iOS but still when user try to access some navigational features and click on a URL, the stock Apple Maps opens up. So, here is a Cydia tweak which resolves this issue and make Google Maps default iOS Map. Developer HASHBANG Productions has released a Cydia tweak “MapsOpener”, which [...]

Lyrics Comes for Native iPad Music App [Cydia Tweak]

Apple has excluded Lyrics feature from iPad Music app for unknown reasons but its still available for iPhone or iPod Touch users. So iPad owners who wish to display Lyrics metadata back must give a try to Lyrics Cydia tweak that enables Lyrics in native Music app for iPad. Just visit BigBoss repository on Cydia [...]

How to Replace Siri with Google Voice Search using NowNow [Cydia Tweak]

Last month Google has updated Google Search for iOS with Voice Search feature, which performs more better than Siri. So, here comes jailbreak community with NowNow, a free Cydia tweak which brings Google’s virtual voice assistant access on iOS just like Siri. Replace Siri with Google Voice Search in iOS Step-1 Visit BigBoss repository through [...]

How to Kill All Running Apps in iOS with a Swipe [Cydia Tweak]

SwipeAway is a free and very simple Cydia tweak that let you allow to kill all running apps on your iDevice just through a swipe up/down from iOS App Switcher. You just have to download and install SwipeAway by visiting “ModMyi” repo on Cydia, and then go to the “Settings” from Springboard of your iDevice [...]

View Source Code of Webpages in Safari with Cydia Tweak

Safari iOS app does not include any option which can make this possible for users to view source code for a web page. But here is a new Cydia tweak View Source for Safari which is available free under BigBoss repo. View Source for Safari just works for jailbroken iPad, and does not support iPhone [...]

Dismiss Incoming iPhone Calls with Turn to Hangup [Cydia Tweak]

The advantage of jailbreak is that user can add more functionality to their iDevices and even make the tasks more easier by adding some Cydia tweaks. So this time we introduce Turn to Hangup a free Cydia tweak allows users to dismiss an incoming call on iPhone just by turning iPhone face down and thats [...]

Add Silent/Mute Feature to iPod Touch with Cydia Tweak

Apple iPod Touch does not have silent/mute button and if user want to put their music iDevice into silent they have to press volume down button continuously, until it reaches to silent. But jailbreak community comes with a Cydia tweak “TapVolumeToMute” for iPod Touch, which adds silent/mute function to your iDevice and it works just [...]

SiLight Cydia Tweak Turn On the Flashlight with Siri

All of our readers know about the Apple genius “Siri”, virtual assistant for iDevices, which can help to organize with simple verbal commands. Although, Siri is quite useful but to increase its usefulness Cydia Store is continuously releasing different tweaks, so today here is SiLight that can Turn ON flashlight of iPhone with a simple [...]